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Trimmers for Medium to Large Harvests

Tom's Tumbler Commercial Trimmers provide the same great fast, gentle trimming as our smaller models but at a much higher capacity. 

Tom's commercial models, TTT 2600 and TTT 3000, are powder-coated stainless steel for girth and longevity but trim with the same food-grade nylon mesh and kief nets for gentle tumbling.  
Both models trim, separate out small nugs from your trim and do kief exaction.

This category is for the industrial craft flower or Hemp grower trimming up to 400 Pounds per day.


TTT 2600 trims 36+ Pounds Per Hour

TTT 3000 trims 50+ Pounds Per Hour


Maintains the integrity and structure to hand trimmed quality.

These tumblers do wet trimming as well as dry with the CO2 Adaptor kit.   

If you are trimming 400 Pounds per day, consider the continuous feed Python Series


Which Model is Right for you?

Tom offers five models of Tumblers that do one batch every 3-4 minutes, and four models of Pythons that are for commercial growers trimming thousands of pounds per day. Use our tool below to see what size is right for you.

Number of pounds per year



What is your return on Investment?

Calculate how much money you will save over the first five years of using your trimmer.

Cost per pound, over a 5 year period, using a Tom's Tumble Trimmer:


Cost to hand trim the same harvest over that 5 year period:


Total Savings by  purchasing our Tumble Trimmer:


Based on your annual harvest, we would suggest:

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  • TTT 2600  Bud Trimmer Pictured with option stainless steel funnel flow upgrade TTT 2600  Bud Trimmer Liquid C02 Infusion Kit TTT 2600  Bud Trimmer

    TTT 2600 Bud Trimmer

    MSRP $3,699.00 TTT 2600 Bud Trimmer Tom's Tumbler is the original bladeless trimmer/separator/extraction system. It is hands down the most gentle, effective and fast trimmer on the market, and when used properly, hand trimmed quality is easily achieved...

    $3,699.00 - $4,567.00
  • TTT 3000 Bud Trimmer TTT 3000 Bud Trimmer TTT 3000 Bud Trimmer TTT 3000 Bud Trimmer

    TTT 3000 Bud Trimmer

    MSRP $4,699.00 Tom's newest and largest batch trimmer is now available! The TTT 3000 Tumble Trimmer processes 50+ lbs. per hour of dry flower per hour (depending on strain and dryness)! The Tumbler trims 15-17 lbs. per 3-5 minute cycle. It works as...

    $4,699.00 - $5,597.00
  • Fan For TTT 2600 & Ttt3000 Motor Fan For TTT 2600 & TTT 3000 Fan For TTT2600 & TTT3000 Fan For TTT2600 & TTT3000

    Fan for TTT2600 & TTT3000

    MSRP $29.99 Extend the life of your Industrial trimmer, TTT2600 & TTT3000, with this Motor Fan.  It is easy to attach and keeps the motor cool during long trimming days. 

4 of 4 Items