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Growers looking for an all-in-one industrial hemp product system will fall in love with Tom’s line of commercial trimmers. From biomass refining to trimming, growers will get all they need from this interconnected system of innovative machines.

Use the D-Leefer, Python Trimmer, Python Biomass Refiner, and Python Conveyor to turn your existing industrial hemp processing procedure into an automatic assembly line. When all machinery is connected, simply turn it on, feed the machine, and focus on other tasks while your industrial hemp products do the trimming for you. Pick and choose individual machines if you have a specific need for your production line.


All Python Industrial equipment comes with a warranty: 

  • 2 year warranty: motors, speed controls, electrical components
  • 5 year warranty: steel frames, plastic augers, all welds.



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  • Tom's Pre-Roll Grinder Tom's Pre-Roll Grinder Tom's Pre-roll Grinder/Shredder

    Tom's Pre-roll Grinder/Shredder

    TOM’S PRE-ROLL GRINDER 500 COMMERCIAL GRINDER FOR PRE-ROLLS, MILLING & EXTRACTS COMPARIBLE TO: Mobius M210 Mill Commercial Grinder Machine Tom's new industrial duty pre-roll shredder/grinder outperforms all...

  • Mighty Conveyor Mighty Conveyor

    Mighty Conveyor

    The MIGHTY Conveyor is the most gentle way to continuously feed the MIGHTY PYTHON.  Our food-grade belt conveyor for feeding material into the MIGHTY PYTHON Trimmer is a perfect example of our superior craftsmanship and innovative design. This...

  • Feed Belt Conveyor

    Feed Belt Conveyor

    Tom's Tumbler™ is an industry leader in the manufacture of a wide range of post-harvest equipment for trimming, sorting, extracting, and refining flower. Our food-grade belt conveyor for feeding material into the Python Trimmer is a perfect example...

  • Take Away Belt Conveyor Take Away Belt Conveyor

    Take Away Belt Conveyor

    Food grade conveyors are a must-have for any flower trimming process. At Tom’s Tumble Trimmers, we know that not all conveyors are created equal. That is why we take pride in our Python stainless steel take away belt conveyor, built with...

  • Biomass Refiner sorts pollen and high quality trim from low quality trim. Tom's Biomass Processor unveiled at the Denver NOCO Hemp Show, March 27, 2021.

    Python Biomass Refiner

    PYTHON BIOMASS REFINER One of the most valuable things you have is time, especially when it comes to growing flower. This dry sift tumbler and pollen extractor streamlines the process of sorting your biomass by separating valuable pollen and storing it...

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    Python 200 Hemp trimmer trims 200 pounds per hour Python 200 Industrial Hemp Trimmer Python 200 Industrial Hemp Trimmer Side view Python 200 Industrial Hemp Trimmer

    Python 200 Industrial Trimmer

    PYTHON 200 INDUSTRIAL TRIMMER This commercial-grade Python 200 Industrial Trimmer comes standard with all of the features you would expect from an advanced hemp trimming machine, ensuring gentle and effective trimming using Tom’s Tumbler™...

    Was: $30,000.00
    Now: $24,000.00
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