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The Original Bladeless Trimmer 

Tom’s Tumbler™ Python Series of industrial conveyor belt systems is the perfect addition to our wide range of post-harvest equipment for deleafing, trimming, sorting, extracting, and refining the biomass of your flower.

Made from USDA and FDA certified materials, we host a wide range of food grade conveyor belts for sale that use a safer and gentler approach to transporting your flower between processes featuring heavy-duty, stainless steel supports and food-grade rubber conveyor belts with adjustable heights.

Save 75% or more on your labor costs by investing in one of Tom’s products, which are modeled for every size grower and farmer.

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  • Profile picture of the Mighty Python trimmer Mighty Python with open doors showing three drawers to extract kief easily and for sorting Mighty Python end depth picture showing it can fit through regular sized doors Mighty Profile angle shot showing exit chutes for biomass and trimmed buds

    Mighty Python

    Mighty Python The Mighty Python Industrial Bud Trimmer is a professional-grade bud trimming machine designed to handle large production levels. As a commercial bud trimmer, it can efficiently trim up to 600 lbs of hemp per hour, making it ideal for large...

  • Sorting Conveyor for touch ups and sorting

    Sorting Conveyor

    Do you feel like your flower sorting process is taking too long? This conveyor belt sorting system will make things much more efficient. Made of stainless steel, this conveyor stands 36" off the ground and can be used with our wide range of industrial...

  • Feed Belt Conveyor

    Feed Belt Conveyor

    Tom's Tumbler™ is an industry leader in the manufacture of a wide range of post-harvest equipment for trimming, sorting, extracting, and refining flower. Our food-grade belt conveyor for feeding material into the Python Trimmer is a perfect example...

  • Take Away Belt Conveyor Take Away Belt Conveyor

    Take Away Belt Conveyor

    Food grade conveyors are a must-have for any flower trimming process. At Tom’s Tumble Trimmers, we know that not all conveyors are created equal. That is why we take pride in our Python stainless steel take away belt conveyor, built with...

5 of 5 Items