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TF-2DS: 25” Wide Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealer w/ Dual Snorkel

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Invented by a grower for growers, Tom’s Tumbler™ got its start as the original bladeless bud trimmer for small businesses looking to achieve hand-trimmed products without waste or hassle. 

Tom Bruggemann, the inventor and president of Tom's Tumble Trimmers, uses his decades of experience as a farmer to offer simple solutions that save you time and money. Tom and his team offer immediate and knowledgeable service to all customers.

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  • 25″ Vacuum Sealer
  • Package 1lb Pouches
  • 1/4″ thick seal
  • Vacuum Filter
  • Dual Snorkel/220 outlet
  • For Packaging up to a 1,000 pouches per day, 2x faster than 25″ Single Snorkel
  • Air-Gas Flush Capable
  • Air-Compressor Not Included


*2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: All Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealers are warranted for two (2) full years from date of delivery against electrical and mechanical defects, excluding normal wear items such as Heating Elements, Element Posts, Teflon, Pressure Bar Pads, Gray/Black Rubbers and Seal Gaskets. The warranty is voided if the machine is damaged due to improper or negligent use and/or unauthorized repairs. Further, this limited warranty does not cover any Acts of God such as fire, hurricanes, floods and tornadoes. Any defective machine under warranty that is returned freight prepaid will, at our option, be repaired or replaced by Terpene Fresh LLC, at no charge.