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The TTT 2600 System is perfect for medium to larger growers and processors. The ideal capacity is 4-6 pounds per 3-5 minute cycle. 

The TTT 2600 easily and gently trims 36 pounds per hour!  


Ideal for growers processing 250-300 pounds or more a day.

Includes stainless steel funnel flow and food-grade plastic dust cover


The TTT 2600 tumbler removes small leaves from flowers gently and efficiently while preserving structure and aromas. The commercial models trim, separates and extracts pollen with interchangeable MeshNets.

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  • Pictured with stainless steel funnel flow TTT 2600 Trimmer TTT 2600 Trimmer TTT 2600 Hemp Trimmer Liquid C02 Infusion Kit

    TTT 2600 Trimmer

    TTT 2600 TRIMMER Our highly effective TTT 2600 flower separator features a unique design that makes it easy to use and maintain. The machine itself has no moving parts or complex mechanisms inside of it—all you need is a power outlet, and...

    $3,699.00 - $4,198.00
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Comparison Table For Large Trimmers Image