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The Original Bladeless Trimmer 

TTT 3000 Bud Trimmer

Tom's newest and largest batch trimmer is now available! The TTT 3000 Tumble Trimmer processes 100 lbs. per hour of dry flower per hour (depending on strain and dryness)! The Tumbler trims 15-17 lbs. per 3-5 minute cycle.  Wet trim 300 lbs/hr utilizing the C02 Adapter Kit. It works as gently and efficiently as all of our tumblers but has a bigger frame and drum for more capacity.  It also comes with a clear plastic dome dust cover for easy cleaning. (to be shipped separately)


Up to 100 lbs an hour / 7-15 lbs every 3 minutes


  • Gentle
  • Super Quiet
  • Fast
  • Effective
  • Safe
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easily Movable


Growers trimming 400 lb or more per day


The TTT 3000 has a larger frame made of powder-coated steel, larger tumbler drums (30") for larger capacity, heavy-duty motor, three mesh screens for trimming, separating and kief extraction. Comes standard with the stainless steel funnel flow.   

CO2 extraction kit not included with unit (CO2 tank in photo for display only).  Add on the CO2 extraction kit for wet trimming for an additional $399.  

You can choose the 110 Micron Kief Net or 200 Micron Kief net to replace the standard 151 Micron Kief net if desired.  Contact us to specify this on your order.

(click here to download spec sheet )


Dry trimmer removes small leaves from flowers gently and efficiently while preserving structure and aromas. System trims, separates flowers and extracts kief with interchangeable MeshNets.             


Height: 48” Legs only

Height: 68” to top of barrel

w/ Casters add 3”

Width: 40” frame only

Width: 46.5” including motor

Depth: 40”


All parts are covered by warranty for replacement for one year.

No returns on trimmers.


No returns.


Minimal maintenance required. We recommend using Tom's Resin Remover available in our online store.  Mesh nets are machine washable. Kief nets can be washed by hand with alcohol. Lubricate zippers with beeswax or aerosol spray cooking oil.

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  • TTT 3000 Bud Trimmer TTT3000 Dust Cover TTT 3000 Bud Trimmer- Product Sales Sheet TTT 3000 Bud Trimmer

    TTT 3000 Bud Trimmer

    TTT 3000 BUD TRIMMER When it comes to large quantity kief extraction, there’s only one batch trimmer that’s up for the job. Tom’s bladeless kief tumbler trims 100 lbs of dry flower per hour and 300 lbs of wet flower per hour. It...

    £3,780.35 - £4,502.79
  • Fan For TTT 2600 & Ttt3000 Motor Fan For TTT 2600 & TTT 3000 Fan For TTT2600 & TTT3000 Fan For TTT2600 & TTT3000

    Fan for TTT2600 & TTT3000

    MSRP $29.99 Extend the life of your Industrial trimmer, TTT2600 & TTT3000, with this Motor Fan.  It is easy to attach and keeps the motor cool during long trimming days. 

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