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This is Tom's original, popular hand crank model, first released in 2013. It is affordable, easy to use and a great way to test out the tumbling technology if you are not quite ready to buy a TTT 3000.  It is small enough to fit on a table for trimming, but large enough to tumble 1 lb in 5 minutes or less.

The hand crank requires you to turn the barrel with the easy rotation barrel.  It is made of furniture grade PVC and is easy to assemble/disassemble and store.

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  • TTT 1600 Hand Crank TTT1600 Batch Tumbler TTT1600 Batch Tumbler TTT 1600 Hand Crank Trimmer TTT1600 Batch Tumbler

    TTT 1600 Hand Crank Trimmer

    TTT 1600 HAND CRANK TRIMMER The TTT 1600 Hand Crank Trimmer is Tom's original hand crank model first released in 2013!  This tabletop trimmer is made of furniture-grade PVC and operated by turning the easy-rotation barrel. It uses our proven...

  • Meshnet for TTT 1600 Trimmer TTT 1600 - Meshnet MeshNet for TTT 1600 MeshNets for TTT 1600 MeshNets for TTT 1600

    MeshNets for TTT 1600

    A Trimming Screen for Your Trimming Machine Our MeshNets are the best option for your bladeless trimming and needs; they’ll last you several seasons without needing to be replaced. Different size options from 110 Micron to 1/2 help you extract your...

    $179.00 - $460.00
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Comparison Table Large Trimmers Image