Python Industries is the new name for Tom's Tumbler. 

We are the same company now with a full line-up of post-harvest industrial equipment and supplies.

Bladeless Industrial Bud Trimmers & Cannabis Equipment

Pre-Roll Grinder Machine

Power your pre-roll machine with a high-performance industrial grinder from our Tumble Trimmer. 

Our easy-to-use Industrial Cannabis Grinder is the highest-capacity cannabis whole plant grinder on the market, guaranteed to reduce the time it takes to process your flower.

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  • Tom's Pre-Roll Grinder Tom's Pre-Roll Grinder Tom's Pre-roll Grinder/Shredder

    Tom's Pre-roll Grinder/Shredder

    High Efficiency with a Quality Guarantee  Tom’s stainless-steel mill grinder uniformly grinds particle size for consistent performance. It’s easy to use and compatible with dry flowers, fresh frozen, and trim for pre-rolls; Tom’s...

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