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Dust Covers

Is it time for a new dust trimmer cover? Don't let the valuable pollen get away. Tom's clear food-grade plastic dust covers keep the dust out of your tumbler and the flower in. Our machine dust covers come standard on all machines but the TTT 1600, and replacements are always available.

We have full-coverage trimmer covers for each size of our tumblers as well as a hard and soft dust cover for the TTT 3000. Easy to clean and use, our trimmer covers are perfect for growers who want full control over the quality and consistency of their product.

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  • TTT 2600 - Dust Cover Dust Cover For TTT 2600 Tom's Dust Cover For TTT 2600 TTT2600 Dust Cover

    Dust Cover for TTT 2600

    DUST COVER FOR TTT 2600 BUD TRIMMERS Retractable, heavy-duty clear vinyl dust cover comes standard with the TTT 2600 bud trimming machine, but is available to add on to earlier TTT 2600 trimmer machine models.  It retracts for easy filling of drum...

  • Dust Cover TTT 1600/1900/2100 TTT1900-Dust Cover Dust Cover For TTT 1600 / 1900 / 2100 Dust Cover For TTT 1600 / 1900 / 2100 - Side View Dust Cover For TTT 1600 / 1900 / 2100 - Top

    Dust Cover for TTT 1600 / 1900 / 2100

    Python Industries’ dust cover is designed to protect and preserve any cannabis bud trimming machine model. This clear, food-grade plastic dust cover inhibits pollen from escaping into the atmosphere. Simple to install and adapt the dust cover to...

    $186.00 - $219.00
  • TTT 3000 - Dust Cover TTT3000-Dust-Cover

    Dust Cover for TTT 3000

    MSRP $349.00 TTT 3000 Dust Cover Tom’s Tumbler™ TTT 3000 System comes standard with a heavy-duty dust cover but can be bought separately and be added to older units. Dust Cover has an aluminum frame with clear, washable PVC plastic that...

  • Cover for Tom's Tumbler for storage and to protect from elements

    Tom's Trimmer Machine Cover

    PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT WITH TOM'S TRIMMER COVER Protect your gear with our trimmer machine cover from Tom's Tumbler™. When you store your automatic bud trimmer, you want to be sure that it won't be damaged by precipitation or debris. A bud trimmer...

    $69.00 - $89.00
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