Python Industries is the new name for Tom's Tumbler. 

We are the same company now with a full line-up of post-harvest industrial equipment and supplies.

Bladeless Industrial Bud Trimmers & Cannabis Equipment

Replacement Parts

Looking for a specific replacement part for your cannabis bud trimmer? Python Industries proudly supplies custom bud trimmer parts for all trim machine models. From a new funnel flow bag for your machine, additional meshnets for your next trimming batch, or another high-powered motor for seamless automated operations – whatever replacement part you’re looking for, our cannabis processing equipment and solutions have you covered. 

With such a straightforward and innovative solution as our bladeless bud trimmers, we want the rest of your experience with Python Industries just as straightforward as possible. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to browse our inventory of bud trimmer replacement parts, so you can keep your automated machine running for years to come! 

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  • Aluminum Axles

    Aluminum Axle

    *Order early; overnight shipping services are not guaranteed by carriers Keep your cannabis trimmers running and looking like new for years to come! These Aluminum Axles are designed for all cannabis bud trimmer machines. All aluminum axle replacement...

    $19.00 - $34.00
  • Set of Flanges (2) w/ Hardware

    Set of Flanges (2) w/ Hardware

    Keep your cannabis trimmers running and looking like new for years to come! As part of Python’s Replacement Parts collection, the set of Flanges (2) is compatitble with all bladeless cannabis trimming machines by Python Industries. The set of...

  • Food grade plastic trim catch bag for TTT1600 Pictured with catch bag on TTT1600 entire trimmer pictured

    Catch Bag for TTT 1600 Cannabis Trimmer

    Description This catch bag is used for our bladeless technology and the TTT 1600 manual bud trimmer or trimming machine. It attaches easily to the frame for easy removal. Made of clear PVC it can be cleaned quickly with TOM'S RESIN REMOVER. Catch bag...

  • Commercial Motor TTT3000 Motor for TTT 3000 Cannabis Machine Trimmer Bladeless Trimmer Motor TTT3000

    Motor for TTT 3000 Cannabis Machine Trimmer

    This is the replacement motor for the TTT 3000 Automatic Cannabis Trimmer. Built with high torque and low voltage, this cannabis trimmer motor is designed for durability and efficiency for years to come. A built-in power cord is included with the...

  • Funnel Flow Bag For TTT 2600

    Funnel Flow Bag for TTT 2600 Cannabis Trimmer

    Upgrade your cannabis trimmer with the Funnel Flow Bag! This Funnel Flow Bag attaches at the bottom of the TTT 2600 Bud Trimmer to guide your trim into the machine’s catch container. This funnel flow bag for the bud trimming machine comes with...

  • Handcrank Handle for TTT 1600 Manual Bud Trimmer

    Handcrank Handle for TTT 1600 Manual Bud Trimmer

    Maintain the longevity of your manual bud trimmer! This handle is an upgrade and replacement part for the TTT 1600 Handcrank Manual Bud Trimmer.  The Manual Bud Trimmer is designed to trim small batches of cannabis, with a convenient hand crank...

12 of 12 Items