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Looking for the story of our inventor and president? A review of our innovative tumble trimmers? Need-to-know tips for new growers? You can find all that and more right here. As a company founded by a former farmer with friends in the industry, it’s always been the mission of Tom’s Tumbler™ to ensure you have all the knowledge, equipment, and resources needed for better hemp processing and trimming. Discover anything from stories to news that can help your business thrive!

How And When To  Harvest Your Bud

How And When To Harvest Your Bud

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Sep 22nd 2022

The seed grows to plant. The plant grows to maturity. You watch in anticipation as flowers bloom and buds swell. Healthy plants are a joy to behold. They know when they’ve reached their peak and are not shy about showing it. Hemp displays signs when ready for harvest. Each strain can be diff …

A Guide to Pruning Your Flowering Buds

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Sep 15th 2022

If you want your flower to grow as healthy as possible, it's essential to prune the buds occasionally to shape the plant to your liking. Although it may seem counterproductive, pruning during flowering can help ensure that the plant will be more vibrant and robust than if you simply let it grow u …
Seven Ways To Use Leftover Trim

Seven Ways To Use Leftover Trim

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Sep 8th 2022

Many growing tasks leave behind byproducts. Field leftovers are much like yard waste, with leaves and stems in all conditions, and some growers struggle with the problem of what to do with trim leaves, stems, and waste, while others have learned how to deal profitably with the byproducts of bud f …
How to Sell Hemp in a Diverse Market

How to Sell Hemp in a Diverse Market

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Aug 10th 2022

The hemp industry is growing like a weed, pardon the pun. The market potential for this crop is huge, and more and more people are looking to get into hemp farming as an investment, and you may wonder what you can do to stand out. You’ve grown and harvested your flower, so what’s next? There are …
The Hemp Growth Cycle

The Hemp Growth Cycle

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Jul 25th 2022

Hemp is an amazingly renewable resource. Industrial hemp, the type grown for its long stalks containing exceptionally strong fibers, is used to create all kinds of products, from paper to prosthetics. Medicinal hemp is cultivated for its flowers rich in cannabinoids. Both medicinal and industrial he …
Is Hemp Farming a Good Investment?

Is Hemp Farming a Good Investment?

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Jun 20th 2022

The legalization of hemp was a modern day gold rush. Seemingly overnight, farmers began converting their fields to hemp and America saw the growth of a burgeoning new industry. In the beginning, it seemed as though everyone wanted in on the hemp-derived CBD market. Larger investors had plans for …

Stories of Success

One of the best ways to learn is by hearing from others who have been in your shoes. That’s why our blog includes posts from company founder and namesake, Tom Bruggemann, to give you an idea of what your personal hemp trimming experience with a tumbler trimmer or Python system might look like.

Informative Reviews

Wading through a series of products can make it difficult to know which one will be right for you. That’s why we have tumbler reviews to give you the low-down on what people think of our trimmers and how they can best meet your needs. Hear what our various models have done for other customers and what they can do for your grow operation.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Don’t worry if you don’t know the right technique for hemp processing, trimming, or bucking. We’ve got great guides that can lead you through the process so you can spend less time figuring things out and more time doing. Time is money when you’re growing bud, after all!