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The Original Bladeless Trimmer 

The PYTHON 200 is an industrial hemp trimmer. It was designed with the large growers in mind. It processes 200 pounds or more of dry flower per hour, gently yet efficiently.



The Python uses Tom’s proven bladeless tumbling technology to preserve potency while producing a beautifully trimmed product. Tom’s Tumblers have a proven record as the best alternative to bladed trimmers. The Tumblers use the friction between flowers as they tumble to gently break the sugar leaves off flowers. Flowers look hand-trimmed with full structure and preserved potency.


The Pythons are all stainless steel frames with a stainless steel tumbling chamber and flower chute. The simple design means that little can go wrong with the Python. It includes three industrial motors that drive the auger feeder, the tumbler trommel, and the auger that carries the trim to a catch bin. The Python is built to last for years. 24-7 support is available from Tom’s Tumbler.


The Python is fed by a stainless steel hopper with a food-grade plastic auger that draws flowers up and into the gravity feed of the Python tumbling chamber. The chamber tumbles at 35 RPM and moves product through three chambers of mesh netting in less than five minutes to exit as trimmed flower at the end of the Python. It is the perfect amount of tumbling to prepare product for market.


The trimming speed is easily adjusted by the manual speed control motor, baffles between chambers and the angle of the Python. Clean trim is dropped through the mesh to the auger below which moves the trim to the catch bin under the flower chute.


The Python uses a simple, clean design, built on the bladeless, tumbling technology Tom’s Tumbler introduced in 2014. The Python is the one machine needed to trim thousands of pounds of flower once the drying and bucking process is complete. It replaces hundreds of hand trimmers and dozens of smaller trimmers in one day with its exceptional productivity.



The Python 200 is:

  • Built to last for years
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Quiet and low maintenance
  • Gentle on your flower, tumbling less than 5 minutes
  • Efficient, processing 200 pounds per hour
  • Proven, bladeless technology


  • Large hopper for easy feeding from storage bins or super sacks
  • Manual speed-control auger feeds the Python
  • Gravity feeder guides the flowers from hopper into the Python tumbler
  • Manual speed-control allows full control of the Python tumbling
  • Interchangeable stainless steel and food-grade plastic mesh netting with a variety of sizes.
  • Clean trim falls through nets into channel with auger that moves trim into a catch bin
  • Trimmed product drops into a bin or conveyor for sorting at end of the Python
  • Python 200 Frame (with everything on) - 885 lbs
  • Python 200 Feeder Hopper (screw auger) - 450 lbs

(Click here to download spec sheet for the Python 200)


Brush your Python down with sterile brushes (included) to collect any fallen pollen, or vacuum with clean vacuum. Clean the catch funnel and channel with Tom’s Resin Remover, and hose down with water. The nets are removable and washable with water. 


NOTE: The Pythons do not currently come with the CO2 infusion. A cost-effective means of flash freezing flowers in the Python is currently under development. 

The Python 200 can be ordered for delivery. A $15,000 deposit is required to place your order, with the balance due prior to shipping. Taxes and shipping are based on location. 


Contact Tom with any questions about which model is best for you at 800-601-0797 or email


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    Python 200 Industrial Trimmer

    PYTHON 200 INDUSTRIAL TRIMMER This commercial-grade Python 200 Industrial Trimmer comes standard with all of the features you would expect from an advanced hemp trimming machine, ensuring gentle and effective trimming using Tom’s Tumbler™...

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