Trims. Sort. Extracts.

Look no further for the best trimming, sorting and pollen extraction machine on the market. The MIGHTY PYTHON combines large scale volume and gentleness, but now at half the footprint of previous models! Invented by Tom Bruggemann (a long time expert grower and processor), this commercial grade machine is proudly made in the USA, assembled in California, and perfect for medium to large-scale operations.

Features proven bladeless technology

Capacity Meshes Included
Dry Trim: 100–600 Lb/Hr Interchangeable stainless steel meshes
Cryo Trim: 400–2,400 Lbs/Hr Stainless Steel

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Key Features

Stainless Steel Feeder Hopper Feeder Hopper Speed Controls and Emergency Stop Removable Stainless Steel Mesh Optional Cryogenic Trimming For Fresh Trimming Access Doors to Sorting Trays Trommel Motor Drive Trim Exit Chute Flower Exit Chute
Stainless Steel Feeder Hopper
Feeder Hopper
Speed Controls and Emergency Stop
Removable Stainless Steel Mesh
Optional Cryogenic Trimming For Fresh Trimming
Access Doors to Sorting Trays
Trommel Motor Drive
Trim Exit Chute
Flower Exit Chute

Fast / Gentle / Affordable

See how we match up

Comparison Mighty Python Logo
Comparison table
for commercial trimmers
  • Category
  • Method of trimming
  • Wet or dry
  • Weight per hour
  • Price
  • MOBIUS 108S (2) Units
    • Large / Industrial
    • Bladed
    • Wet & Dry
    • 100 lbs Dry
    • $88,600
    • Large / Industrial
    • Bladed
    • Wet & Dry
    • 125 lbs Dry
    • $185,000
    • Large / Industrial
    • Bladed
    • Wet & Dry
    • 600 lbs Dry
    • $269,995
  • Mighty Python
    • Large / Industrial
    • Bladeless
    • Wet & Dry
    • 600 + lbs Dry
    • $40,000
  • Python 1200
    • Large / Industrial
    • Bladeless
    • Wet & Dry
    • 1200 + lbs Dry
    • $75,000
    • Large / Industrial
    • Bladed
    • Dry
    • 1500 lbs Dry
    • $175,000
      + conveyors

Features And Benefits


Our blade-less, continuous feed patent pending technology delivers a hand trimmed quality at a speed no bladed machine can compete with. This is achieved by a unique baffling system that controls the flowers flow rate while the flowers gently tumble and roll against each other rubbing off the dried sugar leaves. The flowers never touch harsh blades and only rely on gentle friction to achieve an indistinguishable hand trimmed quality.
Bladeless Trimming Technology


Every strain has its unique density and sugar leaf structure and will require basic tweaking of your speed controls, baffles, as well as the tilt of your machine. Also, various style stainless steel meshes come standard with your MIGHTY PHYTHON, to trim, sort or extract pollen. All of these options combined give you a machine that adapts to all strains.
Customize Your Trim


Growers save an average of 70% on trimming labor costs. The MIGHTY PHYTHON takes only three people to operate, and can trim up to 600 lbs/hr dry, while achieving between 80% and 95% finished product.
Save Trimming Labor Costs


Tom's Tumbler's Batch Machines, as well as the Python Industrial Series, are the quietest machines on the market- you hardly know they are on. Cleaning is simple with a quick vacuum and a wipe down with our powerful Resin Remover or alcohol.
Save Trimming Labor Costs


We are one of the least expensive manufacturers of processing equipment on the market and our machines still produce the greatest volume and closest to hand trimming quality compared to our competitors.
Affordable Trimmer



Material Stainless Steel frame, trommel, nets; Food grade Plastic trim auger & side panels.
Capacity 600 lb per hour dry / 1800 lb per hour wet
Flower dry/wet trim Dry and wet trim
Electrical 115 v ac
Amps used 10 amps max
Circuits needed 1 15 amp
Nets Elongated stainless steel and optional kief screens
Trimming method Bladeless tumbling
Length 87"
Width 31"
Height 66"
Weight 680lbs
Conveyor Feeder or D-LEEFER Feeder Optional
Dust Collector Optional


What percentage of bud vs trim do you get from trimming with MIGHTY PYTHON?
The percentage of bud vs trim will be the same as hand trimmed percentages, which are roughly 60% bud and 40% trim.
How come The MIGHTY PYTHON can trim faster than competitors and still produce hand trimmed quality?
Our bladeless continuous feed technology does not use blades like most of our competitors. Blades are notoriously slow and the blades need disassembly for thorough cleaning. Since the flowers are trimming each other in our machines, they are very fast but gentle.
How does it trim without blades?
The buds tumble and gently roll over and over each other rubbing off the sugar leaves without harming the flowers or losing too many trichomes or crystals. Because the sugar leaves are flaky dry while the flowers themselves are 10% to 13% the flowers are not damaged.
How dry does the bud need to be to trim?
The flowers can be as low as 8% up to 13%. More importantly the sugar leaves should be completely dry/flake and not have any flexibility to them. If you do not have a moisture meter, use your finger to bend the sugar leaf. If the sugar leaf is brittle and snaps off, it is ready. If the sugar leaf bends and is flexible, it needs to dry longer.
How well trimmed can I expect my flowers to be exiting the MIGHTY?
If your flowers have decent density and are dried correctly, you can expect an 80% to 95% finished flower. In some instances no hand touch up is required. Make sure you remove all water leaves or fan leaves before flowers enter the MIGHTY. (Note: our D-LEEFER can great assist in not only removing water leaves, but pre-trim light larfy flowers.)
Won’t the trichomes come off in the process?
Of course you will lose some, but there will be no more loss than with hand trimming.
How full should the chamber be to have an optimal trim?
The chamber should be ¾ full to trim optimally. The tumble technology relies on a certain amount of weight to trim efficiently. It is recommended that you re-run your first 20lbs. of flower as it needs to build up weight inside the trommel.
Is dry trimming superior to fresh trimming?
ABSOLUTELY!!! Trimming the flowers before they are dried is called fresh trimming or wet trimming. Fresh trimming promotes oxidation which will lead to a darker undesirable flower color and a noticeable loss of terpenes. Loss of terps translates to loss of smell and less money. Moreover when you dry or cure the whole plant with flowers attached, the flowers continue to absorb nutrients (sugars). Drying this way also inhibits terpene loss. In the end you have a superior looking and smelling flower.
Can I Fresh Trim with the Mighty?
Yes, we can customize your MIGHTY with a Nitrogen sprayer to crust freeze the sugar leaves which will make them brittle like they are dry. Again, I don't recommend fresh trimming with blades or with nitrogen, but if that is your preference we can accommodate you.
How often and how to clean it?
It is recommended to keep your PYTHON clean of excess dust and kief. Vacuum out any kief in a clean catch vacuum. Wipe the PYTHON down with a wet rag, Tom’s Resin Remover or alcohol. You can also utilize liquid CO2 to spray/freeze off difficult cakey resin areas. The stainless steel mesh can easily be removed, and wiped with alcohol.
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