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A Guide to Proper Bud Storage

A Guide to Proper Bud Storage

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Dec 6th 2022

Investing in proper storage for your crop is crucial if you want it to stay as potent as possible for as long as possible. Many external factors impact the quality and potency of the flower, so you must take the proper precautions to protect your strain. Here are a few quick tips to show you how to store bud properly.

Why is Proper Storage Important?

Proper bud storage is critical to protecting the integrity of the strain. Hemp can easily degrade over time and lose its power; if you want to maintain the highest potency and quality, it's essential to keep the plant away from any harmful elements.

What factors impact the quality of the bud?

  • Temperature: Temperature control is essential for terpene preservation. You want to keep your bud in a cool environment or below about 70°F to prevent degradation. Extreme heat or cold can impact the terpenes and cannabinoids negatively and ruin the quality of the bud.

  • Humidity: Humidity is another factor that will impact the bud's potency. Too much humidity can put the bud at risk to impact by mold or mildew. But if the storage area is too arid, it can cause the plant to dry out and become brittle. So make sure the humidity is at a level that is conducive to healthy growth.

  • Oxygen and UV Rays: Exposure to air and sunlight can also impact the quality of your crop. UV lights can break down the terpenes and dry out the bud. It also makes it harder to control the temperature and humidity of the area if your bud is exposed to direct sunlight. So make sure your bud storage area is dark and away from direct sunlight or maximum terpene preservation.

Keep these factors in mind when determining how to store bud. Make sure to find a temperature-controlled and mildly humid space that is protected from any unwanted air and UV rays.

How to Store Bud Properly

As long as you pay attention to the heat, humidity, air, and sunlight, there is no right or wrong answer regarding how to store bud. You'll find many containers on the market, from plastic to wood to metal. Most experts agree that the best container for bud storage is glass. Glass is better at retaining air and moisture than other materials. It's also better for the environment than plastic and won't contaminate your bud with unwanted shards or particles like wood or metal.

If you want to take your bud storage to the next level, get an airtight container with UV-proof glass. This is the best type of container for controlling the factors that impact the quality and potency of the bud. But, if you don't have access to special UV-proof glass, any sealable glass container will do - as long as you store it in an area that is room temperature, average humidity, and kept out of any direct sunlight. The actual container isn't that important as long as the conditions of the room it's in are conducive to proper storage.

Tips for Bud Storage

  • Use an Appropriately-Sized Container: If you want to preserve your bud as much as possible, it's smart to keep it in an air-tight container that's the appropriate size. Too much unused space inside the container can let in unwanted air, which is bad for terpene preservation.

  • Don't Store Your Bud in the Freezer: Many people falsely believe that keeping your bud in the freezer or refrigerator will keep it fresh. But in reality, it can negatively impact the cannabinoids and make the bud brittle. Bud should be kept in a cool environment but away from the extreme cold of a freezer or refrigerator.

  • Make Sure Your Containers are Clean: Cleanliness is a major part of proper bud storage, so make sure you use containers that aren't dirty. Any dirt, mold, or mildew inside the container can impact the bud and ruin its quality.

  • Use Vacuum-Sealed Containers to Block the Smell: If you're concerned about the smell seeping into neighboring rooms or areas, you may want to invest in vacuum-sealed containers. You can find plenty of vacuum-sealed baggies online, or you can use a coat of plastic wrap to cover the bud before you place it in a container.

  • Keep it in the Same Place: Try not to move your bud around too much if possible. Unnecessary movement and friction can be bad for the plant and can lead to degradation and buds falling off the flower and being wasted. So, avoid moving your bud from one spot to another frequently.

Closing Thoughts

Proper hemp storage ultimately depends on regulating temperature, humidity, and UV exposure. As long as you keep your plants in a cool, dark area with moderate humidity, it should be fine. If you're only storing a personal stash, you may get away with using common household items, but if you're storing a large crop you harvested yourself, it may be prudent to invest in professional-grade bud storage bags. At Tom’s Tumble Trimmer, we’re passionate about making growers’ lives easier while ensuring their crop stays at the highest quality. Contact us today to find out how we can help improve your operation, and explore our famous bladeless trimmers.