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Tom's Tumble Trimmer Review

Tom's Tumble Trimmer Review

Posted by Tom Bruggemann on Oct 8th 2020

Here is a review from a grower in Michigan.


Dry Line Flower

Above is a sample of a flower taken directly from the dry line

De-stemmed Flower

… flowers after being “de-stemmed” that are still in need of what we call “shagging” (lol) – the removal of shade leaf by hand. This is a relatively easy process but eliminates having to remove the “handle bars” (stem of the shade leaf) that would otherwise be left on the trimmed flower after tumbling. 

Flower for tumbling

Flower fully prepped for tumbling. It’s best to prep enough of these to come within a few inches of the axle the tumbler spins on.

NOTE: We (wife and I) have a very small garden where we grow different types for some dear friends who’ve become patients, in need of medicine and our own medicinal needs. We therefore don’t always have enough of one type to fill the tumbler to it’s optimal recommended level. Tom hand-crafted a separator for us so we could customize the tumble barrel into 2 separate areas and when only using one side—it reduces the amount of flower needed to fill the tumbling barrel to the optimal level. 

Flower after tumbling

Same flowers pictured above AFTER TUMBLING. This particular strain is very nuggetty — tough and hard nuggets — with this type of dense bud…and a little experimental practicing, of course, one can achieve a 95-98% finished trim that appears totally to be hand done. Airier flowers come out closer to 85% — depending on many factors that the users of this machine will get accustomed to with experimental & practical experience. 

Tumbling flower from Machine

Voila! This is straight from the machine. Again…results will vary depending on bud structure, dryness, time in the tumbler and rotational speed used in tumbling (Tom has thought of everything including making the tumbler’s speed adjustable).

We love our Tumbler and are ever grateful with blessings to Tom for his inventive ingenuity and generous sharing of his time and expertise. Tom always answers the phone during normal daytime hours or calls you right back and is attentive to any questions or concerns you may have.

Both Tom and his Tumbler are 5 Star.