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Bud Size Sorter: Why You Need Cannabis Bud Sorters

Bud Size Sorter: Why You Need Cannabis Bud Sorters

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Apr 10th 2023

Green cannabis buds

Cannabis enthusiasts have traditionally seen flower size as a sign of potency, with the largest buds regarded as the most potent. Customers will often pay more for bigger buds. But small buds can also be profitable too. This makes cannabis bud sorting an important part of post-harvest processing.

Don’t Hide Your Big Buds

The biggest flowers or buds typically grow in the canopy where the plant gets the most sun. These flowers get the lion’s share of nutrients and energy. Big buds are the easiest to collect and the most profitable.

While picking out the big buds is one thing, bud size sorters do more than that. They make sure you have consistent groups of other size buds as well so that no part of your crop goes to waste. Even medium-size buds can be very profitable when trimmed and presented correctly.

Since they require extra work, some growers wonder if it’s worth the time to harvest small buds. Hiring a cannabis sorter to separate all the micros, popcorn, smalls, and mediums from the large buds can be costly. But the expense of a professional bud size sorter may be worth it.

Business purchasers are often willing to pay a higher price for big buds. They may pay the same price for medium size buds, as long as they look good. A cannabis bud sorter makes it easy to give these buyers exactly what they want.

Put Your Small Buds To Work

Smaller buds grow under the canopy or near the ground, but that doesn’t mean they’re poor-quality buds. Small buds have the same terpene profile, which makes them perfect for many products other than just packaged flower. They crumble easily and burn consistently, which makes them perfect for pre-rolls.

A group of seven brown pre-rolls

Many industry insiders believe there will be a high demand in 2023 for pre-rolled products. With a good bud size sorter, you’ll have bud ready to capitalize on this trend.

Manually Sorting With A Sorting Grate

Cannabis sorters use a grate or a tray with holes cut into it that correspond to the bud sizes being sorted. They move buds over this grate in a systematic manner (either with a vibrating grid or something else) so buds of the correct size fall into the corresponding collection bins. Some bud size sorters also collect powder and pollen.

The advantage of using a manual cannabis bud sorter is their lower initial cost. However, those savings may be offset by the additional labor cost. Accuracy also depends on the operator, and the process can be inexact.

Automatic Bud Sorting Machines

Machine sorting reduces labor costs. Automated sorters can process large amounts of material quickly. This shortens your time to market and adds value to your harvest.

A good automatic sorter has to be adjustable to handle different size buds. Many of the better sorters have heavy-duty silicon band tracks that can be adjusted for different sizes. Many processing facilities add a conveyor belt to keep the sorter fed at a steady rate, which optimizes performance. A bud size sorter operated in a continuous manner like this can process hundreds of pounds of raw product each day.

Men harvesting cannabis crop

What To Look For When Purchasing Automatic Bud Sorters

All processing equipment should be user-friendly and reliable. Any automatic cannabis sorter should meet safety requirements and be in GMP (good manufacturing practices) compliance.

A good bud size sorter design minimizes seams and corners where dirt and sticky cannabis pollen can accumulate. Since they process consumable products, they must also be made with food-grade material and components.

Get Faster Bud Size Sorting

Manual sorting can be slow and expensive in an industrial setting. Sort bud up to 100X faster with an automatic cannabis sorter.

For industrial-scale cannabis bud sorting, rely on Tom's Automated Sorter. It can process more than 400 pounds of bud an hour while preserving delicate resin and crystal content. It’s easy to operate and clean and can be adjusted to handle multiple sizes. And it’s about ⅓ the price of competitors’ products.

Let Tom’s Tumbler help you get the most out of your efforts. Automated bud size sorting and post-harvest processing equipment from Tom’s Tumbler can help you maximize every crop.