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The Basics of Bud Processing Equipment

The Basics of Bud Processing Equipment

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Jun 2nd 2022

In the earlier days of trimming hemp, growers had to use handheld shears to carefully and manually trim off the bud leaves. This was a very tedious process, and it often resulted in uneven trimming. To correct this, growers soon developed trimming machines to expedite the process, saving time while keeping the flower at an acceptable quality.

When it comes to hemp processing equipment, there are several options that growers consider when looking to replace traditional trimming methods. Each of these options has its own unique benefits, compared to both hand trimming and other machine trimming options. Together, we’ll go over the pros and cons of hand trimming vs machine trimming, and learn about different types of hemp processing equipment.

Hemp plant in need of hemp processing equipment

Stand-Up Trimmers

If you want to speed up the trimming process, stand-up trimmers are a great option for hemp processing equipment. These trimmers are designed to be used by one person, and they can trim a large amount of hemp in a short period of time.

Stand-up trimmers are also relatively easy to use, as they don't require a lot of setup or maintenance. Stand-up trimmers look like a giant sack with an opening on top that is covered by a grate with a fan underneath.

Once you turn the machine on, the fan starts to turn, and all you have to do is put your flower near the fan. The blades will cut off the excess leaves without you having to do much.

Electric Handheld Trimmers

Thanks to the electric handheld trimmer, growers who are more accustomed to hand trimming as opposed to machine trimming can also enjoy the benefits of machine trimming, quickly and easily trimming their flower with little effort. Growers using an electric handheld trimmer do have to hold the shears themselves and manually move the plant around to get all the parts, but the process is much faster than traditional hand trimming.

Bowl Trimmers

Bowl trimmers are a little easier to handle than an electric handheld trimmer because they do most of the work for you. They are a solid hemp processing equipment option for growers who aren’t ready to make a bigger investment.

To trim using a bowl trimmer, flower is placed in the bowl and then spun around as friction trims the leaves off. This method works well for smaller batches of hemp processing, but is not ideal for larger batches. One pro of bowl trimmers is they are relatively easy to maintain as long as you properly clean them. You won’t have to worry about any electronics or batteries.

Tumbler Trimmers

Difference in hand trimming vs machine trimming

When you really want to get the job done and want the best hemp processing equipment for the job, you'll want to invest in a tumbler trimmer. These powerful machines have big barrels and mesh nets that allow you to trim a large amount of hemp at once.

Tumble trimmers work by turning the barrel, causing the buds inside to tumble, which knocks away unwanted leaves. The bladeless technology of tumble trimmers ensures that your flower won’t be agitated or damaged, with its structure kept intact.

The Benefits of Hemp Processing Equipment

Using modern trimming equipment isn't just about keeping up with the trends, but about improving your entire production process.

When considering hand trimming vs machine trimming, one pro of machine trimming is that it will save you money on labor. If you were paying people to trim your hemp by hand, you can now use that money to invest in other areas of your business.

Aside from money, time will also be saved. The amount of time people spend trimming can also be directed toward other tasks; a trimming task that would normally take a few hours can now be done in half an hour.

Another benefit is that modern trimmers can help you achieve a more consistent product. When you have people hand trimming vs machine trimming, there is going to be variance in the quality of the trim. Some people might take longer than others or might not be as precise. Machine trimming removes this inconsistency from the equation.

When you are processing hemp on a large scale, you need to have the best equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Using the newest equipment available will not only help your productivity, but it will help the product too.