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The Benefits of Dry Trimming vs. Wet Trimming

The Benefits of Dry Trimming vs. Wet Trimming

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Nov 8th 2021

Although the yields of dry trimming and wet trimming may be similar, there are significant qualities of both that could sway any grower to either side. We’ll show you the benefits of both dry and wet trimming so you can decide for yourself which one suits your needs.

Infographic Benefits Of Wet Vs Dry Trimming TTTinnovation

What’s the Best Option?

From our experience, dry trimming is the superior process for producing the highest quality flower. Having said that, an experienced trimmer can yield around the same amount of flower for both dry and wet trimming. It’s likely you’ll choose one that matches your specific environment, personal preferences, and comfort. If you don’t have space to dry the plant on branches, wet trimming using the CO2 Adapter Kit is a viable option.

How Much Will You Save Using Bladeless Trimming Machines?

Whether you prefer wet or dry trimming, the question has always been, how much can you save in labor costs? The answer is Tom’s Tumbler’s trimming machines, which cut down your labor costs between 70%-90% and do the work in less than 1/3 the time. Our bladeless technology doesn’t ruin the integrity of the flower, preserving trichomes while still producing a hand-trimmed quality.