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The Benefits of Dry Trimming vs. Wet Trimming

The Benefits of Dry Trimming vs. Wet Trimming

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Nov 8th 2021

Gloved hands trimming large leaves from plant

Whether you choose to trim wet or dry, preparing buds for the market can be a long and sometimes tedious process. While there isn’t a huge difference between wet vs. dry yield, each method has its pros and cons based on factors unique to your operation. Read on to explore the benefits ofdry trimming vs. wet trimming.

Wet Trimming

Wet trimming is a quicker way to get trimmed bud, even though curing is required after trimming. You cut down the plant and remove the buds from the branches right away with a bucking machine, or by hand.

So, how do the benefits of wet trimming compare to the benefits of dry trimming?

Benefits of Wet Trimming

  • It’s easier to remove sugar and fan leaves at this stage because they are still pliable.
  • The buds dry faster because there is less moisture in the overall plant. Wet trimming reduces the chances of your product becoming moldy, an especially important consideration for growers in humid climates.
  • Wet trimming saves space. There is less material to dry because the bulk of the plant is removed prior to this stage.
  • Some growers say wet trim makes for a nicer-looking product.
  • Some growers also suggest that the buds’ sticky nature at this stage allows the trichomes to remain intact.

Unlike one of the benefits of dry trimming, wet trimming can be a very sticky and messy process. You’ll find trichomes everywhere, from your fingers to clothes to equipment. To cut down on the mess, be sure you use gloves and have rubbing alcohol or resin remover on hand for cleanup. Many believe that wet trimming leads to the loss of more trichomes while trimming because of the stickiness of the product.

Dry Trimming
Close up of untrimmed bud

Dry trimming is a two-stage process. You’ll harvest the plant and then immediately dry it. Handing or stacking drying racks make it possible to dry a lot of material in a small amount of space. In a dry climate or humidity controlled room, this drying can be done in 4-5 days.

Bucking does not occur until after the plant has sufficiently dried out. The difference in wet vs. dry yield should be minor if properly executed.

Benefits of Dry Trimming

  • If you are harvesting and preparing your product in a more arid region, a dry trim can help preserve the product and terpenes. The whole-plant drying process happens slowly, which helps prevent the loss of terpenes.
  • Dry trimming is the best way to preserve the smell of your product, while wet trimming often leads to a "hay-like" smell.
  • Dry trimming is a faster process. Once your bud is dried and trimmed, it is ready to go to market. No need for lengthy curing.
  • Dry trimming is a cleaner process. As the plant dries, it becomes much less sticky and leaves behind less residue.

The fragile nature of dried trichomes means you’ll need to be careful during the bucking process. Bladed trimmers can be too harsh for dry trimming and may remove more material than necessary, while a bladeless trimmer is the best option for dry trimming. A gentle bud trimmer and delicate hand should result in minimal trichome loss during the trimming stage. Another consideration is that it takes more room to dry a whole plant, so plan ahead.

What Is the Best Option?

The difference between wet vs. dry yield is based less on the technique and more on how the plant is processed. A steady hand can maximize the amount of bud pulled from a plant, whether it is a wet- or dry-processed flower. For this reason, it’s more likely that factors such as climate, desired bud quality, and space will influence your choice. If preserving terpene quality is a priority for you, consider the benefits of dry trimming. If you are seeking a speedy harvest or you live in a humid climate, wet trimming might be your best option.

Post-Harvest Solutions for Both Dry and Wet Trimming

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