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The Original Bladeless Trimmer 

Liquid CO2 Adaptor Kit - Purchased Separately

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The Liquid CO2 Adaptor Kit gives you the power to speed up your bud trimming or kief extracting by flash freezing your flower. CO2 trimming also allows you to wet trim your harvest with ease. Streamline your process today with our CO2 infusion kit!

  • Accelerates trimming exponentially
  • Easy assembly and operation
  • Compatible with any of our tumble trimmers
  • Great for wet and dry trimming
  • Ships worldwide
Ships same day Monday-Friday if ordered by 3PM PST
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Invented by a grower for growers, Tom’s Tumbler™ got its start as the original bladeless bud trimmer for small businesses looking to achieve hand-trimmed products without waste or hassle. 

Tom Bruggemann, the inventor and president of Tom's Tumble Trimmers, uses his decades of experience as a farmer to offer simple solutions that save you time and money. Tom and his team offer immediate and knowledgeable service to all customers.

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There’s no better solution than our liquid CO2 infusion kit for boosting trimming and extracting performance. Using one of our kits for CO2 trimming gives you a level of control you’ll never want to go without again. This adaptor allows you to transform our tumble trimmers into wet trimming machines with ease.


  • Patented liquid CO2 spin flow adaptor for optimal CO2 infusion
  • Low temp hose to ensure seamless flash freezing
  • Precision flow coupler for maximum control
  • Includes custom infusion axle and all adapters needed to connect to the liquid CO2 tank
    • NOTE: liquid CO2 tank not included
  • Simple to put together and easy to use
  • Essential for wet trimming
  • Fantastic results when used with our kief mesh for extracting fine particles
  • Increases trimming and extracting speed
  • Compatible with any of our tumble trimmers


Our CO2 trimming kit is available for existing tumbler units or can be ordered at a discount when included with the initial purchase of your tumbler.

When getting your CO2 infusion kit, make sure you have a liquid CO2 tank available to hook it up with. Complete your purchase today with other accessories, including MeshNets, resin remover, or a tumbler cover.


For any concerns or questions, feel free to check out our FAQ or contact us. We’re happy to help!

1 Year full warranty