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Why Tom's

Whether you wet trim or dry trim, process small volumes or large volumes, Tom's is hands down the best option among the trimmers.  Tom's Tumblers are the most gentle, most efficient and least expensive of any trimmer on the market.  Tom's Tumblers are also easy to use, quiet and easy to maintain.  You also get the best customer service anywhere.  But most important, they produced a trimmed bud that doesn't look machine trimmed.  Your buds look hand-trimmed.   So why would you choose another machine?
Tom's Tumbler concept is simple.  Tumbling dry buds in a nylon mesh net for 3-4 minutes gently knocks the sugar leaves off the bud without impacting the structure or trichomes.  No blades needed.  No noisy motor or vacuum. No oils.  In a fraction of the time it takes to hand trim, you have hand-trimmed quality.   But don't take our simple design for granted.  It works great because your flowers don't need a lot of metal or processing.  They need only gentle tumbling in Tom's custom-barrel, hand-made meshnets to achieve perfection.
Need more reasons to buy Tom's Tumbler?  Check out all the reasons below, our comparisons to other trimmers and then use our calculator to choose the right sized tumbler for you.
Tom designed his tumblers to work without using metal blades.  Tom's Tumbler using only food-grade nylon mesh nets and kief net to process your buds.  The buds actually do the trimming as they tumble over each in the net.  In less than 5 minutes your product is more than 90% trimmed.
Tom’s Tumblers also produce the highest output per hour.  Our batch machines trim 6-100 pounds per hour, depending on the model.  Our Python, continnuous feed tumbers, trim 200-1200 pounds per hour depending on the model.  Once your buds are ready, be ready for very fast results.  
Tom designed the Tumbler because he was tired of hand trimming. He had tried the bladed trimmers and didn't like the way they mangled his bud.  One day he put some buds into a fishing net and found that gentle shaking trimmed the flowers.  A year of development led to the first Tom's Tumbler Handcrank, which sold quickly and easily.  The nylon mesh on the tumbler today mimics the fishing net with some important additions of gentle tumbling instead of shaking, in the right sized drums, at the right speed (35rpm) for the right amount of time.  Three minutes of tumbling is all that is needed to trim 85% or more of the sugar leaves from your buds without loosing bud shape, trichomes or crystals.  We called it the Flower-lover. 
Because of Tom's committment to keeping prices low, Tom's is the most affordable trimmer on the market.  Our TTT 1600 is less than $500 and trims 6-8 pounds per hour by simply turning the handcrank.  Easy, fast and perfect for the small grower.  Even our commercial models are thousands below our competitors.  Check out our price comparisons below.
Tom worked hard to design a product that would be easy to assemble, lightweight to ship but built to last the wear and tear of years of trimming.  The recycled, furniture-grade PVC that we sourced for the smaller models is virtually unbreakable and is environmentally friendly. Our batch machines can be assembled in less than 15 minutes and are easy to clean.  They can be unassembled for storage if necessary.  
Invented by a grower for growers, Tom brings his decades of growing experience to designing his products, as well as to supporting his customers.  Each day Tom talks to growers to learn about their needs and help them find solutions.  Tom is dedicated to having all customers have a great experience with his products.  
We've sold thousands of trimmers since coming to the market 6 years ago and we always hear the same from our customers: "Your trimmer works great!" "Thank you for making the Tumbler Tom. I love it." "You saved me from 'trim prison.'"  It is the simplicity of Tom's Tumbler, but also the speed and gentle mesh nets that our customers love.  But they also love our customer service and the fact that they can call and talk to Tom.  
Made in the USA, our custom-made Tumblers are made of the highest quality materials and are built to last.  Even our furniture-grade PVC models are virtually unbreakable and are still used regularly by our early customers 5 years later.  The Pythons are fully stainless steel with heavy duty motors.  These are built to process hundreds of thousands of pounds per year.

Which Model is Right for you?

Tom offers five models of Tumblers that do one batch every 3-4 minutes, and four models of Pythons that are for commercial growers trimming thousands of pounds per day. Use our tool below to see what size is right for you.

Number of pounds per year



What is your return on Investment?

Calculate how much money you will save over the first five years of using your trimmer.

Cost per pound, over a 5 year period, using a Tom's Tumble Trimmer:


Cost to hand trim the same harvest over that 5 year period:


Total Savings by  purchasing our Tumble Trimmer:


Based on your annual harvest, we would suggest:


How does Tom’s Tumbler Compare to other trimmers?

Don’t just believe us. Compare our Tumbler output and savings to comparable trimmers here.