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Explore the ultimate selection of industrial cannabis equipment. We have models available for every size grower, made from USDA and FDA certified materials. Same-day shipping is available, and our commitment to customer service is without compromise. Place your order today, and take your operation to the next level.

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  • Whole Plant Bucker

    Whole Plant Bucker

    Tom's whole plant bucker employ’s a method that involves stripping the flowers off an entire plant at once. In contrast, the standard bucking machines require breaking off individual branches, locating the correct size hole and placing them through...

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    Automatic Bud Sorter Automatic Bud Sorter

    Automatic Bud Sorter

    Tom’s Automatic Bud Sorter Tom’s Automatic Harvest Sorter compares in speed and quality to Mobius M9 at half the price, and comes backed by our guaranteed performance and quality! This bud sorter is all stainless-steel construction and...

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    Tom's Pre-Roll Grinder Tom's Pre-Roll Grinder Tom's Pre-roll Grinder/Shredder

    Tom's Pre-roll Grinder/Shredder

    High Efficiency with a Quality Guarantee  Tom’s stainless-steel mill grinder uniformly grinds particle size for consistent performance. It’s easy to use and compatible with dry flowers, fresh frozen, and trim for pre-rolls; Tom’s...

    Was: $12,000.00
    Now: $8,400.00
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    Cryogenic Kief Sifter Cryogenic Kief Sifter Cryogenic Kief Sifter

    Cryogenic Kief Sifter

    Cryogenic Technology Tom’s Grasshopper cryo-vibratory sifter is 20 times faster than conventional cryo-tumbling. It uses high-frequency vibration and liquid CO2 to quickly extract the kief from your dried trim or flowers. It comes with two...

    Was: $12,000.00
    Now: $4,999.00
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    Mighty Conveyor Mighty Conveyor

    Mighty Conveyor

    The MIGHTY Conveyor is the most gentle way to continuously feed the MIGHTY PYTHON.  Our food-grade belt conveyor for feeding material into the MIGHTY PYTHON Trimmer is a perfect example of our superior craftsmanship and innovative design. This...

    Was: $12,999.00
    Now: $9,999.99
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    Profile picture of the Mighty Python trimmer Mighty Python with open doors showing three drawers to extract pollen easily and for sorting Mighty Python end depth picture showing it can fit through regular sized doors Mighty Profile angle shot showing exit chutes for biomass and trimmed flower

    Mighty Python

    Mighty Python The Mighty Python Industrial Flower Trimmer is a professional-grade flower trimming machine designed to handle large production levels. As a commercial flower trimmer, it can efficiently trim up to 600 lbs of hemp per hour, making it ideal...

    Was: $39,999.00
    Now: $29,999.00
  • Biomass Refiner sorts pollen and high quality trim from low quality trim. Tom's Biomass Processor unveiled at the Denver NOCO Hemp Show, March 27, 2021.

    Python Biomass Refiner

    PYTHON BIOMASS REFINER One of the most valuable things you have is time, especially when it comes to growing flower. This dry sift tumbler and pollen extractor streamlines the process of sorting your biomass by separating valuable pollen and storing it...

  • Python D-LEEFER

    Python D-LEEFER

    PYTHON D-LEEFER The Python D-LEEFER is innovation at its finest! Whether you’re using your favorite Python machine or trimming by hand, this hemp processing equipment can save you hours of painstaking labor. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to...

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