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The Original Bladeless Trimmer 

Python Industrial Bud Trimmer

The Python hemp trimmer uses Tom's proven bladeless tumbling technology to preserve trichomes while producing a beautifully intact trimmed product. These industrial trimmer and bud sorter machines use the friction between buds as they tumble to break the sugar leaves off buds gently. Using our innovative hemp processing equipment, buds look hand-trimmed with complete bud structure and preserved trichomes and crystals.

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  • Profile picture of the Mighty Python trimmer Mighty Python with open doors showing three drawers to extract kief easily and for sorting Mighty Python end depth picture showing it can fit through regular sized doors Mighty Profile angle shot showing exit chutes for biomass and trimmed buds

    Mighty Python

    The Mighty Python Industrial Bud Trimmer is a professional-grade BUD TRIMMING MACHINE designed to handle large production levels. It can efficiently trim up to 600 lbs of hemp per hour with less than 1/2" waste, making it ideal for commercial producers...

  • Python 600 Industrial Bud Trimmer Python 600 with the DeLeafer feeder. Python 600 at a grow facility. Inside the Python trommel

    Python 600 Industrial Bud Trimmer

    PYTHON 600 INDUSTRIAL BUD TRIMMER The Python 600 is the one machine needed to trim thousands of pounds of flower once the drying and bucking process is complete. It replaces hundreds of hand trimmers and dozens of smaller machines all in one day thanks...

  • Python 1200 Industrial Bud Trimmer Python 1200 bud trimmer pictured with add-on feeder Python 1200 Industrial Bud Trimmer Python 1200 Industrial Bud Trimmer

    Python 1200 Industrial Bud Trimmer

    PYTHON 1200 INDUSTRIAL BUD TRIMMER If you’re a large grower or processor, you need the Python 1200 industrial hemp trimmer. This industrial trimmer is your go-to solution when you want to improve productivity, cut labor costs up to 60%, and grow...

3 of 3 Items