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Tom's Biomass Refiner transforms your biomass into beautiful pollen and homogenous trim in just a few minutes of processing and extraction with our multi-vacuum Refiner.

Once you have trimmed your flowers, Tom's Python will feed your remaining biomass into our auger-fed refiner with multiple vacuums for efficient processing. Your trim is beautifully processed for higher priced sales, and your pollen is extracted into sterile containers for use in food or other products.

Tom's Biomass Refiner further expands the capabilities of Tom's Python Trimmer by offering gentle, efficient processing of your post-trimmed sugar-leaves.  After your flowers exit the Python Trimmer trimmed of sugar leaves, your trim is pulled into the Biomass Refiner for easy processing.  

Add the Biomass Refiner to your Python Trimmer and D-LEEFER for a complete processing system. 

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  • Biomass Refiner sorts pollen and high quality trim from low quality trim. Tom's Biomass Processor unveiled at the Denver NOCO Hemp Show, March 27, 2021.

    Python Biomass Refiner

    PYTHON BIOMASS REFINER One of the most valuable things you have is time, especially when it comes to growing flower. This dry sift tumbler and pollen extractor streamlines the process of sorting your biomass by separating valuable pollen and storing it...

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