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Feed Belt Conveyor

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Invented by a grower for growers, Tom’s Tumbler™ got its start as the original bladeless bud trimmer for small businesses looking to achieve hand-trimmed products without waste or hassle. 

Tom Bruggemann, the inventor and president of Tom's Tumble Trimmers, uses his decades of experience as a farmer to offer simple solutions that save you time and money. Tom and his team offer immediate and knowledgeable service to all customers.

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Tom's Tumbler™ is an industry leader in the manufacture of a wide range of post-harvest equipment for trimming, sorting, extracting, and refining flower. Our food-grade belt conveyor for feeding material into the Python Trimmer is a perfect example of our superior craftsmanship and innovative design. This food-grade feed belt conveyor is a fully adjustable feeder that can handle varying loads of product at different speeds. Its rubber construction ensures no static charge accumulation so the material gently moves to the next stage of your trimming process.

Heavy-Duty Feeder for Large-Scale Operations

If you're looking for a heavy-duty feeder conveyor to gently load your prepared product into the Python Trimmer for fast and gentle trimming, get started with our rubber feed belt conveyor available at Tom's Tumbler™.  Our conveyors are must-have equipment for your processing at all stages. They are made of heavy-duty stainless steel and food-grade rubber conveyor belts.

This belt conveyor quickly and gently moves your product to the next stage of your processing. The conveyor comes as stand-alone equipment and can be combined with any trimmer or processing equipment. Adjustable height levels allow you to set the grade and manual speed motors enable you to set the speed. Tom's Python stainless steel conveyors are simply the best on the market for handling flower.

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Our sorting, feeding, and takeaway conveyors combine with Tom's Python Industrial System products or as stand-alone equipment to make your processing super-efficient. As expert industrial trimming equipment and accessories manufacturers, Tom's Tumbler™ offers a wide range of solutions to make your processing seamless.

Schedule a demo to see how our belt conveyor works or talk to a grower, Python specialist, or Python user today.

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