Python Industries is the new name for Tom's Tumbler. 

We are the same company now with a full line-up of post-harvest industrial equipment and supplies.

Bladeless Industrial Bud Trimmers & Cannabis Equipment

Python 1200 Industrial Trimmer

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The Python 1200 Industrial Hemp Trimmer from Tom’s Tumbler™ is the best industrial tumbler for effectively trimming large volumes of product. This bladeless industrial hemp trimmer is our largest capacity trimmer, processing 1,200 lbs per hour of dry flower—fast, gently, and efficiently.

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Invented by a grower for growers, Tom’s Tumbler™ revolutionized the market as the original BLADELESS BUD TRIMMER machine for processors looking to achieve hand-trimmed quality without the labor or hassle. 

Inventor Tom Bruggemann developed these trimmers as a way for farmers like himself to save time and money without sacrificing precision. The Tom’s Tumbler™ staff is here to assist you with any support you might need.

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If you’re a large grower or processor, you need the Python 1200 industrial trimmer. This industrial trimmer is your go-to solution when you want to improve productivity, cut labor costs up to 60%, and grow your business. With its stainless steel tumbling chamber and flower chute and heavy-duty industrial motor, the Python 1200 industrial tumbler is designed to deliver superior performance for years to come.


  • Large hopper for easy feeding from storage bins or super sacks
  • Manual speed-control auger to continuously feed the Python 1200
  • Gravity feeder that guides the buds from the hopper into the tumbler
  • Manual speed-control for full control of tumbling
  • Interchangeable stainless steel and food-grade plastic mesh netting available in multiple sizes
  • Channel with an auger that moves clean trim into a catch bin

NOTE: While Tom’s Tumble Trimmers can process dry and wet flowers, our Python series is not compatible with the CO2 infusion kits that make wet trimming possible. This feature is currently in development. 

Industrial System Trifold

Original Bladeless Technology

Using our proven bladeless tumbling technology, the Python 1200 Industrial Bud Trimmer delivers 1,200 lbs per hour of hand-trimmed quality flowers while still preserving the potency and structure of the flower. 

Exceptional Productivity Year After Year

This industrial tumbler has a 100% stainless steel frame with a stainless steel tumbling chamber and flower chute for easy cleaning and reliability. Because our industrial hemp trimmer design is so simple, very little can go wrong. 

The Python 1200 is built to last and is covered by the following warranty:

  • 2 year warranty: motors, speed controls, electrical components; and
  • 5 year warranty: steel frames, plastic augers, all welds.

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The Python 1200 has a simple gravity feed for putting product into the tumbling chamber. While the chamber tumbles at 35 RPM, the trommel of the tumbler gently moves flowers through 3 chambers of mesh netting in less than 5 minutes. All finished trim is dropped into the catch bin under the chute.

You can easily adjust the trimming speed of the industrial tumbler to your needs. However, we find that 5 minutes at 35 RPM is the perfect amount of tumbling to prepare dry flower.


The Python 1200 can be ordered for delivery in 2-3 weeks. A $25,000 deposit is required to place your order, with the balance due prior to shipping. Taxes and shipping are based on location.


If you’re debating which industrial hemp trimmer is best for your business, you can contact us at 800-601-0797. 



1,200 lbs/hr dry or 12,000 lbs/day
Meshes Included:
2 sizes of elongated stainless steel mesh screens (3/8" and 7/16")
2 sizes of food-grade plastic (1/2" and 1/4")
100% stainless steel frame with a stainless steel tumbling chamber and bud chute
Food-grade plastic screw auger
3 adjustable speed control motors that drive the auger feeder, the tumbler trommel, and the auger
Trommel: 30” in diameter
Main Frame: 12' L x 4' W x 6'6" H
Feed Hopper: 11'3" L x 5' W x 8'2" H
Python 1200 Frame (with everything on) - 1,015 lbs
Python 1200 Feeder Hopper (screw auger) - 510 lbs
Brush your industrial tumbler with sterile brushes (included) or vacuum to collect fallen kief.
Clean the catch funnel and channel with Tom’s Resin Remover and rinse with water.
Remove the nets and rinse with water.
3 year full warranty