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How to Trim with Tom’s Tumble Trimmers

How to Trim with Tom’s Tumble Trimmers

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Nov 1st 2021

A lineup of Tom’s Tumbler TTT units from largest to smallest bud trimmer

If you are looking for how to dry trim fast using Tom’s best bud trimming machines, you’ve come to the right place. While our tumblers make the post-harvest process a lot smoother, proper bud preparation is essential. Find out how to trim buds the best way possible with your cutting-edge bladeless tumble trimmer.

Step 1: Cut the Stalks

Cut the plant at the base of the stalk. Once separated, hang it upside down to dry using either a line or rope. Most plants in arid climates can take up to 4–5 days to lose their moisture. This can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of the dry trimming process, but it is essential when learning how to dry trim fast. If you plan on wet trimming, you can skip hanging your product and move on to the next step.

Watch the sugar leaves in particular over the next few days. Buds that are still pliable are not ready to be trimmed. If you’re operating in a temperature-controlled room, reduce the humidity to dry the material for a bit longer. A couple of hours should do.

Step 2: De-bud the Branches

Take the dried plant, remove the buds, and shear off the water leaves. Immediately store buds into a plastic bag or container to preserve their freshness. The branches and water leaves can be discarded.

Step 3: Trim

Here we get to the actual process of how to trim buds the best way with your trimming machine! Once the material is ready, place the recommended amount of bud in the mesh barrel of the tumble trimmer. This amount varies by model and whether you’ve selected a tumbler for small–medium or medium–large harvests. You should have a couple of inches of space between the product and the axel. Do not overfill the chamber. If you are wet trimming, you’ll also hook up the CO2 adaptor at this time so you can freeze your bud in the chamber.

Set to your desired speed and watch product tumble for about 2–3 minutes. Keep in mind how to trim buds in the best way varies depending on the flower. We recommend 35rpm for most buds and slower speeds for light or wafey flowers.

During the tumbling process, the sugar leaves will pass through the net and the funnel and be deposited as beautiful trim, while the trimmed buds will stay in the netted chamber. For the first cycle, tumble for about 1 minute and stop, unzip the net and see how trimmed the buds are. Some strains are done in a minute or two. Keep tumbling, stopping every minute or two, until your buds are exactly where you want them. It is best to tumble less than 4-5 minutes to preserve as much as the trichomes as possible. Your product will be 85%-99% trimmed, depending on your strain and dryness. You’ll know to stop when you see kief beginning to pass through the funnel flow bag. At this point, product should be about 85% trimmed with the structure intact and very few trichomes lost.

Once you are done trimming, remove the trim container and replace it with another receptacle. Unzip the mesh barrel and turn on the motor until the remaining product falls into your bin. That’s it! You may need to touch up your buds a bit by hand, but now you know how to trim buds the best way for hand-trimmed quality in minutes.

Step 4: Separating Small Nugs from Trim

To separate any popcorn size nuggets that may have gone through the net and into your trim, unzip and remove the net from the velcro on the drums. Swap it out with a ¼” MeshNet. Put your trim into the 1/4" Meshnet and tumble again at high speed, and any popcorn-sized nuggets will remain in the barrel. Take out the trim container, replace it with a clean one, unzip the mesh barrel, and release the small nuggets into the trim container by turning on the motor.

Step 5: Extract the Kief

Once you know how to dry trim fast, efficiently isolating kief is a snap. Place the kief net on the barrel and set a clean catch bin below the funnel flow bag. For better results, make sure your trim is cold. Freezing it overnight or using dry ice will typically do the trick. You can also flash freeze using the Liquid Co2 Adaptor Kit.

Fill the barrel until you have 2” of space below the axle. We recommend using a dust cover once you start the extraction process. Run the tumbler at full speed until the kief stops passing through the funnel flow bag and into the clean container. It may take 15-20 minutes of tumbling your trim to extract all the kief you want. Keep checking your kief to be sure you are getting the quality you want and not any extra plant material. Gently scrape or wipe off the funnel bag and dust cover to collect any valuable kief.

Cutting Edge Technology without the Blades

Tom’s Tumbler™ is your do-it-all, post-harvest solution, and we’re proud to offer some of the best bud trimming machines on the market. If you have any questions about how to trim buds the best way with your tumble trimmer, feel free to contact us or check out our Resources page.