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Special Edition Stainless Steel 3000 Model 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Which model is best for me?

First, scroll down to the “Which Model is Right for You?” calculator on our Why Tom's page. 

Choosing the right model size depends on two things: 

  1. Your weekly volume
  2. How much you like trimming

While our TTT 1900 is the most popular model in recent years, this model is best for growers who trim 10-40 lbs at a time. It does 2 lbs per 5-minute cycle or 12-15 lbs per hour. If you trim less than this, the TTT 1600 might be for you. If you trim more than this, the TTT 2100, with 2-4 lbs per cycle, or the TTT 2600, with 3-6 lbs per cycle, are best for you.

If you need additional assistance, feel free to call Tom directly at (818) 590-1303.

How do I order?

Online ordering is available 24/7. You can also call (800) 601-0797 Monday-Friday, 9 AM-5 PM (PST).

Please contact us by phone to purchase MeshNets for any tumblers purchased more than two years ago. Have the purchaser's model number and name to confirm the size as our models and net sizes have changed in recent years. 


What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards as well as money orders and bank transfers. Your purchase transaction will appear on your credit card statement from TTT Innovations.


When will my order ship?

Items ordered by 3 PM (PST) are shipped the same day.

If you need to provide specific details for delivery, please call or email us to ensure your package arrives promptly.

How long until I receive my order?

Delivery is 1-5 days depending on location. Overnight shipping is available for an additional cost. See shipping at checkout for pricing options.

Who do you ship through?

We ship products throughout mainland North America from Los Angeles to customers via FedEx Ground. Shipping is available outside of the US via DHL.

How much does shipping outside the US cost?

Prices vary depending on location. Duties and tariffs are not included in the shipping cost.

Do you ship discreetly?

Yes. Your trimmer is shipped in a plain brown box with a return address of TTT Innovations.


Do your tumble trimmers come with a warranty?

Yes. All Tom’s Tumble Trimmers come with a full, one-year warranty. 

What is the warranty for the Python series?

All Python machines come with a warranty of: 

  • 2 year warranty: motors, speed controls, electrical components;
  • 5 year warranty: steel frames, plastic augers, all welds;

. For customer service inquiries, contact Tom at (818) 590-1303.


What is your return policy?

We do not offer returns on trimmers or nets. When following our specifications for dryness (brittle) and weight per trimmer, our machines work effectively as described. 

If you have additional issues or questions about returning your trimmer, please contact us.


Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! You can set up your wholesale account by contacting Leslie at (818) 201-8828 or

Who do I contact for billing and accounting questions?

Please reach out to Andrea at (818) 585-1469 for all your billing and accounting inquiries.


How do I assemble or use my tumble trimmer?

If you have any questions about assembling or using your Tom's Tumble Trimmer, contact us Monday-Saturday, 9 AM-5 PM (PST) at (800) 601-0797. You can also email us at or check out our videos below:

Do you have assembly guides?

See our helpful resources below.

How do I prepare flower for my tumbler?


Cut the plant at the base of the stalk and hang upside down from a line or rope until dry. If you are in a dry climate, your product will dry quickly. In Southern California, it takes 4-5 days. If you are in a humid climate, you will need a moisture-controlled room.


After the plant is dry, trim around the flowers and take off the water leaves. Cut the flowers from the branches and place them in a plastic bag or container. Discard the branches and water leaves.


Make sure the flowers are brittle on the outside. If the sugar leaves bend, they will not trim well. Reduce the humidity in the room and dry your material for a few hours longer.

Place the recommended amount of product in the mesh barrel on the trimmer. You should have 2-3 inches between the product and the axle. Do not overfill the chamber.

Adjust the speed control to your desired speed and watch it tumble for 2-3 minutes. Trimming will start immediately, as you will see trim passing through the mesh, down through the funnel bag, and into your catch bin. At 2-3 minutes, you should stop the machine, open the zipper, and check the trim level on your buds to avoid over-tumbling. If the trimming is not complete, tumble for another 2 minutes and check again. Tom recommends the highest speed for most flower (35rpm) and slower speeds for light or wafey flower.

When the amount of trim begins to slow through the mesh and you see pollen begin to pass through, it is time to stop. Your product should be about 85% trimmed at this point with very few delicate parts lost. After you put the trim into another container, set an empty container under the trimmer, unzip the mesh barrel, and turn on the motor until your trimmed product falls into your bin.


Unzip and pull the net from the velcro on the drums. Replace this net with the ¼ inch mesh net. Put your trim into this net, zip it up, and tumble at high speed. The trim will flow through the mesh quickly and any popcorn size nuggets will remain in the barrel. Remove the clean trim from below and put a clean container underneath the trimmer. Unzip and turn on the motor to release your popcorn size nuggets into the clean container.


Place the pollen net on the barrel and put a clean catch bin below the funnel flow bag. To prepare your trim for extracting, you can freeze it overnight, use a handful of dry ice, or use our CO2 adapter kit with your liquid nitrogen tank to flash-freeze your trim. 

Fill the barrel until it is 2 inches below the axle. If you have a dust cover/pollen catcher, be sure to put it on the trimmer. Turn the trimmer on full speed and let it tumble for your desired time or until the pollen stops passing through the mesh. The pollen will slowly pass through the mesh and funnel flow bag into your container. It will also be on the inside of the dust cover and on the funnel flow bag. Scrape or gently wipe it into your container.