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Pruning to Increase Yield: Why We Buck and How Tom’s Tumbler™ Can Help

Pruning to Increase Yield: Why We Buck and How Tom’s Tumbler™ Can Help

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Sep 1st 2021

cannabis flower and water leaves

In the world of cannabis, bucking is the process of pruning to increase yield. There are two common types of bucking—dry or wet—and both involve removing water leaves and stems.

  • Dry bucking is more common, especially for outdoor crops. For dry bucking, plants are cut and hanged. Once the ideal moisture level is achieved, the buds and small branches are removed.
  • Wet bucking means the buds are removed before the plant is dry.

Dry bucking is used more often because once the process is complete, buds can be trimmed immediately. In wet bucking, the harvest typically has to dry before it can be trimmed—unless you plan to wet trim. Either method still involves intensive labor by hand. Luckily, Tom’s Tumbler is here with a rundown on how we can help your business save time and money with our innovative Python industrial system. Keep reading to learn more about hemp shucking and how to buck hemp like a pro below!

The Modern Solution for Pruning to Increase Yield

As the industry continues to expand, cannabis processors are looking for more ways to increase their profit year after year. For some, it means developing their operation. Larger and more frequent crop yields mean farmers require more efficient ways to cope with their increased workload. To stay competitive in the growing cannabis market, bucking machines have become a popular tool for increasing efficiency for small and large cannabusinesses. Bucking machines allow for quick separation of the buds from branches, trunks, and stems—automating this step in the cultivation process and saving growers time without additional labor or costs.

How Bucking Machines Work

Most of the bucking machines available today use holes and a steel plate to separate the plant parts. For anyone unfamiliar with how to buck hemp automatically, farmers will typically insert a branch into the proper-sized hole based on the stem width. The automated machine then pulls the stem through, separating the flower from the stem.

After bucking, growers will start removing water leaves, e.g. the small leaves that stick out from the side of the flower. While this part of the trimming process is often still done by hand, the Python D-LEEFER can streamline removal for operations that rely on industrial tumblers or hand-trimming efforts to get perfectly trimmed buds.

Overall, machine bucking makes the process of pruning to increase yield fly by much faster than if you were to trim each plant by hand. However, many machines out on the market today opt for efficiency instead of quality, and there’s always the risk of harming the essential trichomes that give buds their THC and CBD content.

Why Bucking Machines Are Growing in Popularity

By using a bucking machine, growers are able to shorten the cannabis plant trimming and harvesting process tremendously. This allows for faster pruning to increase yield in an industry where farmers and processors are feeling the push that comes with higher demands.

As cannabis becomes legal in more states and countries, production has been ramping up. Many farmers are trying to stay competitive by growing larger fields. However, bigger crop yields can’t do any good if workers can’t keep up. This has led to the invention of new machines to automate the process. Machines for bucking and de-leafing that are able to do hemp shucking in place of manual labor are becoming real game changes in the industry these days, allowing for high-efficiency pruning to increase yields.

Increasing Harvest Efficiency through Automation

field of cannabis plants ready for bucking

For anyone involved in the cannabis harvesting process, the fact that it can be labor intensive likely sounds like an understatement. Commercial growers, or any large-scale cannabis farming operation, require machinery in today’s day and age if they want to keep up with the competition. As the cannabis farming industry continues to thrive, automation is key to making sure you can maintain quality as you keep up with your harvest and customer demands.

From bucking machinery to trimming, you’ll need innovative, proven solutions to keep your business on a successful track. When pruning to increase yields, be sure to invest in a de-leafer and tumbler that can boost efficiency and lighten your manual workload in any way possible. Tools from Tom’s Tumbler™ like our Python 600 Industrial Bud Trimmer are perfect to use after your bucking and water leaf removing process is complete. In five minutes or less, you can achieve perfectly trimmed buds with the aroma and structure beautifully intact.

Along with a great bucking machine, deleafer, and biomass refiner, our commercial trimmers are great for any larger operation. Check back often as we continue to upgrade how you process your harvest!