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Special Edition Stainless Steel 3000 Model 

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Python Biomass Refiner

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Tom’s Python Biomass Refiner is the definitive dry sift tumbler and pollen extractor you’ve been looking for. Get outstanding pollen and a homogenous trim in only a few minutes while still maintaining the hand-trimmed excellence we pride ourselves on. Expand your growing operation’s capabilities today!

  • An incredibly efficient refiner that will make you question how you lived without it!
  • Assembled in the USA 
  • Ships worldwide
  • Made from USDA- and FDA-certified materials
  • Add to your Python trimmer and Python D-LEEFER for a complete processing system
500.00 LBS
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Invented by a grower for growers, Tom’s Tumbler™ revolutionized the market as the original BLADELESS BUD TRIMMER machine for processors looking to achieve hand-trimmed quality without the labor or hassle. 

Inventor Tom Bruggemann developed these trimmers as a way for farmers like himself to save time and money without sacrificing precision. The Tom’s Tumbler™ staff is here to assist you with any support you might need.

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One of the most valuable things you have is time, especially when it comes to growing flower. This dry sift tumbler and pollen extractor streamlines the process of sorting your biomass by separating valuable pollen and storing it in sterile containers for food or other products. 

After trimming your flower, the remaining biomass is quickly and efficiently vacuumed into the auger-fed refiner. Processing pollen further with our Python Biomass Refiner gives you more ways to optimize your harvest and increase your profit. Turn your post-trimmed sugar leaves into beautiful pollen and high-quality trim today!


  • Expands the capabilities of Tom’s industrial Python flower trimmer by offering gentle, effective processing of sugar leaves
  • Stainless steel finish for first-rate durability
  • Innovative design for easy cleaning and function
  • Low maintenance and user-friendly
  • Auger-fed refiner with multiple vacuums for efficient processing
  • Saves 50-60% on hand-trimming labor costs

Industrial System Trifold

The Multi-Vacuum Refiner That Does It All

No matter the size of your harvest, a dry sift tumbler like the Python Biomass Refiner is a must for effortlessly converting leftover biomass into sellable pollen. Combine this innovative machine with our other Python products, or use it alone. Either way, our pollen extractor can help you level up your trim game. 

Check out our YouTube Channel for videos of our trimmers and action, or contact us at any time. It’s time to expand your growing capabilities with Tom’s Tumbler ™!


The Python Biomass Refiner comes fully assembled. Just plug it in, fill, and process.

Unlimited. Processes 500+ lbs/hr
All components needed are included
Stainless steel frame with a food-grade auger
One 12 Vold 15amp motor
11.4’ L x 3’ W x 6’ H
596 lbs
Clean as needed