Python Industries is the new name for Tom's Tumbler. 

We are the same company now with a full line-up of post-harvest industrial equipment and supplies.

Bladeless Industrial Bud Trimmers & Cannabis Equipment

TTT 5000, 3000 and 2600 Bladeless Trimmers

Get that hand-trimmed quality of your bud in a fraction of the time! Python Industries’ manual and automatic bud trimmer machines give a gentle, effective, and fast trim on your modest bud batches. Our medium to small bud trimmer machines are capable of gently trimming between 10-30 lbs. per hour. The convenient size of this
cannabis trimmer allows you to optimize your trimming operation and get the most out of your harvest!

No matter the size of your cannabis or hemp harvest, there’s a bladeless bud trimmer from Python Industries ready to take on the job! View our other trimming machine models or read more information on our About page to find out which trimmer is right for your operation!

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  • TTT 1600 Hand Crank TTT1600 Batch Tumbler TTT1600 Batch Tumbler TTT 1600 Hand Crank Trimmer TTT1600 Batch Tumbler

    TTT 1600 Hand Crank Manual Bud Trimmer

    TTT 1600 TRIMMER Perfect for beginners, Tom’s 1600 is a handcrank manual bud trimmer small enough to be used as a tabletop trimmer machine. It’s made with furniture-grade material and operates using a manual rotation barrel. Save on...

  • TTT 1900 Pollen Extraction Tumbler TTT 1900 Cannabis Trimmer Machine TTT 1900 Flower Trimmer TTT 1900 Cannabis Trimmer Machine C02 Adaptor Kit - Close Up

    TTT 1900 Cannabis Trimmer Machine

    TTT 1900 Trimmer  The TTT 1900 is a top-quality cannabis trimming machine with a sleek and ergonomic design that works well for a wide variety of growers. Our bladeless, electric bud trimmers are perfect for gently removing leaves without disturbing...

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