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Special Edition Stainless Steel 3000 Model 

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TTT 2600 Trimmer

Optimize your medium to large-scale cannabis processing with a bladeless cannabis trimmer from Python Industries. The TTT 2600 bud trimmer is perfect for medium to larger growers and processors, successfully trimming the ideal capacity of 4-6 pounds in a 3-5 minute cycle (up to 36 pounds per hour!) This specific trimmer machine model is ideal for growers who are looking to process up to 250-300 pounds or more in a day. The result is hand-trimmed quality buds that don’t compromise structure or terpene profile, and instead, drastically cut down your operation time and costs.

No matter the size of your cannabis or hemp harvest, there’s a bladeless bud trimmer from Python Industries ready to take on the job! View our other trimming machine models or read more information on our About page to find out which trimmer is right for your operation!

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    Pictured with stainless steel funnel flow TTT 2600 Cannabis Bud Trimmer TTT 2600 Cannabis Bud Trimmer TTT 2600 Hemp Trimmer Liquid C02 Infusion Kit

    TTT 2600 Cannabis Bud Trimmer

    TTT 2600 AUTOMATIC BUD TRIMMER Our highly effective TTT 2600 automatic bud separator features a unique design that makes it easy to use and maintain. The cannabis machine itself has no moving parts or complex mechanisms inside of it—all you need is...

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