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Wet vs. Dry Trimming Machines

When deciding whether to invest in a dry trimmer machine or wet flower trimmer, you first need to consider what your flower is going to be used for and the size of your crop yield. Many folks prefer dry trimming, and most trimmers out on the market tend to cater to this method of preparing your flower.

For new farmers and businesses still weighing their options, the main differences between the two trimming methods are in the name:

  • Wet trimming involves cutting down your product and beginning the trimming process right away. If trimming by hand, you need to remove all the fan leaves then cut the flowers into small nuggets. Once dried, your flower is ready to be sold.
  • Dry trimming, on the other hand, involves cutting your plant down and waiting for it to dry first. Once it reaches your preferred moisture level, you will then trim your leaves and flower.
Hemp Plant Trimming

Is One Method Better Than the Other?

Now that we’ve covered the differences between wet vs. dry trimming, we can talk about why growers may want to choose one over the other. Depending on who you hear from, it may sound like there is a clear-cut trimming method that is better than the other. However, it really comes down to personal preference and convenience.

For large-scale farmers, dry trimming may be unrealistic because of the amount of space needed to hang all the plants to dry before trimming can take place. Instead of cutting down all of a farmer's crop to dry first, it might be easier to trim before allowing the flower to dry.

Many growers prefer wet trimming because they feel it better preserves the structure. As we mentioned, it can also save space when we’re looking at larger harvests. When debating wet vs. dry trimming, it’s important to note wet trimming can also allow flowers to puff out larger, which is beneficial for commercial growers.

Alternatively, dry trimming can be beneficial if a grower is looking to preserve more crystals during the trimming process. If the flavor and aroma of your flower matter to your customers, this is the method we recommend. It can also be cleaner since there will be less moisture when it’s time to trim the plants. This is a trade-off that’s often discussed when growers debate wet vs. dry trimming.

Do Farmers Have to Decide?

A tumbler for wet and dry trimming

When you’re looking for an efficient trimming method to use for your crops, getting a trimming machine can save a lot of time over manually trimming. However, this usually means choosing between a wet flower trimmer and a dry trimmer machine. Luckily, Tom’s Tumbler™ gives you the opportunity to experience both methods with the addition of our convenient and easy-to-use CO2 infuser.

Whether you’re working with dry or wet flowers, flash freezing with a CO2 adaptor allows you to efficiently trim a batch while preserving the structure of the flower. Adding this helpful accessory to our innovative bladeless tumble trimmers means you’ll have one machine that can handle both wet and dry trimming, depending on what you prefer. Don’t commit to just one method when you can invest in a trimmer that does it all at Tom’s Tumbler™!