Bladeless Industrial Bud Trimmers & Cannabis Equipment

Special Edition Stainless Steel 3000 Model 

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TTT 3000 Trimmer

Ready to optimize your large-scale industrial cannabis trimming and processing? Python Industries’ TTT 3000 bladeless bud trimmer machine is equipped to process up to 100 lbs. of dry flower per hour, trimming up to 10-12 lbs. Per 3-5 minute cycles. Wet trimming options are available with this trim machine using the C02 adapter kit. Like each of our patented cannabis trimmer machines, the TTT 3000 works to gently and efficiently tumble and trim all cannabis flower at large capacities during processing. Not only do you get a quality, hand-trimmed look to your bud without compromising integrity, but you’ll also cut your operation’s costs and work time significantly.

No matter the size of your cannabis or hemp harvest, there’s a bladeless bud trimmer from Python Industries ready to take on the job! View our other trimming machine models or read more information on our About page to find out which trimmer is right for your operation!

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