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Dry vs. Wet Cannabis Trimming: What's the Difference?

Dry vs. Wet Cannabis Trimming: What's the Difference?

Jun 18th 2024

When it comes to harvesting your cannabis flowers, there are two ways in which these buds can be trimmed. The trimming method of choice is a personal decision of the grower, usually influenced by the climate of the growing environment as well as the production requirements. When it comes to dry cannabis trimming vs. wet cannabis trimming, there are many pros and cons to both methods:

Dry Trimming Cannabis

Dry trimming machines are used prior to curing your buds, but after properly drying your buds post-harvest.

What are the Pros of Dry Trimming Cannabis?

  • Increased bud quality.
  • Increased terpene profile.
  • Preserves trichome content of the buds.
  • Increased and intensified aroma.
  • Smoother smoke quality and flavor as a result of the flower drying on a more natural timeline. When buds dry too quickly, they lose less chlorophyll, which creates a much harsher experience for the consumer.
  • Less of a mess than other drying methods, and increased precision.
  • Highly effective for bulk flower and trim being manufactured for concentrates and isolates.

What are the Cons of Dry Trimming?

  • Tedious and more labor intensive due to the sugar leaves withering so close to the actual buds.
  • Requires more space to hang dry your plants post-harvest.
  • Buds are much more delicate and can potentially crumble with dry trimming machines, especially if too dry.

Wet Trimming Cannabis

Wet trimming cannabis happens immediately post-harvest, before drying and curing your buds.

What are the Pros of Wet Trimming?

  • Increased efficiency due to buds drying faster with the removal of excess plant material.
  • Faster trimming process than other methods.
  • Less potential of mold growth due to the trimming process.
  • Can create a more aesthetically pleasing, bag appeal for your buds.
  • Highly effective for commercial cultivators due to mold prevention and speed of process.

What are the Cons of Wet Trimming?

  • Loss of terpenes.
  • Decreased bud aroma profile.
  • Sticky trichomes create a messier trimming environment.
  • Short window for trimming. Everything must be trimmed immediately before it dries out.

Determining Factors for How To Trim Cannabis

Whether you are a small grower or commercial cannabis grower, you'll have to analyze what factors are most important to you when it comes to your trimming output. Is it increased efficiency and bag appeal, or is it smoke-ability and increased terpene profile? Does your environment pose any issues for your trimming process, and which method would best mitigate it? More importantly, what are you using to properly store your trimmed cannabis?

Tom’s Tumbler Trimming Solutions

Here at Tom's Tumbler, we certainly have our preferences regarding Dry trimming vs. Wet trimming – however we have designed our automatic bud trimmers to be highly effective with either process. We encourage you, the grower, to choose the best bud trimmer for you based on the facts in conjunction with your preferences. Our tumble trimmers are the most gentle cannabis trimming machines on the market, providing a trimming capacity upwards of:

  • 1600HC manual bud trimmer - Dry (10lb/hr) / Wet (30lb/hr)
  • 1900 bud trimmer - Dry (20lb/hr) / Wet (60lb/hr)
  • 2100 bud trimmer - Dry (30lb/hr) / Wet (90lb/hr)
  • 2600 bud trimmer - Dry (60lb/hr) / Wet (180lb/hr)
  • 3000 bud trimmer - Dry (100lb/hr) / Wet (300lb/hr)

**Please note that a CO2 Adapter must be purchased in order to Wet Trim with our cannabis bud trimmers.

Python Industries’ Solutions to Commercial Cannabis Trimming

Python Industries, formerly known as Tom’s Tumbler, is proud to be the industry leader in cannabis processing solutions and bud-trimming machines. No matter the size of your output, our cannabis equipment is designed to efficiently process your bud whether it’s dry trimmed or wet trimmed. Explore our full inventory of cannabis equipment and automatic bud trimmers, and read through our FAQ & resources for more cannabis processing tips from Python Industries.