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The Best Trimming Machines for Independent Growers

The Best Trimming Machines for Independent Growers

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Apr 20th 2022

In order to dramatically cut costs in your business, save in the long run, and still produce a hand-trimmed quality, you need a more sustainable solution to your trimming methods than manual labor. Our bladeless trimming machines are the perfect solution for your farm. They are quiet, fast, reliable and best of all gentle on your flowers. Trimming machines are the perfect solution because they can equal the labor of multiple employees in a fraction of the time.

Here are the best trimming machines for all size independent growers and what makes each one stand out.

closeup of young hemp flower

TTT 1900 Hemp Trimmer

One of our most popular bladeless cannabis-trimming tools, the TTT 1900 Hemp Trimmer can trim 2 pounds every 3 to 5 minutes, so you will be saving a ton of money on trimming. It basically takes the work of what 6 people can do in a day and does it in one hour.

Perfect for the small to medium-sized grower who needs a more efficient way to start trimming their flowers. It’s easily one of the best and cost efficient trimming machines in the industry.

TTT 2100 Hemp Trimmer

With the 2100 Hemp Trimmer, you can start picking up the pace and saving your business hundreds, if not thousands in labor costs. The extra-large barrel is able to process about 3 pounds of flowers in the span of 3-5 minutes. If you really have a large harvest to process, you could trim as much as 12-18 pounds of flowers every hour and after a slight touch up to get the crows feet off, you have a hand trimmed quality.

Focus Cannabis Plant Leaves

Any one of your employees can start using automated cannabis-trimming tools and learn to use it with ease. It’s incredibly quiet and effective. If your entire team is spending their day trimming, then you’ll want to invest in the TTT 2100 Hemp Trimmer to cut costs.

TTT 1600 Handcrank

The first of Tom’s Tumble Trimmers created, and the design holds up even today. If you don't have large-scale volume and want to see what bladeless technology can really do, the 1600 Handcrank is where to start.

It’s so small that you can take it anywhere or put it on any size desk, but it still has the power to take on a pound of flower in about 5 minutes. You won’t have any trouble setting it up, and anyone can learn to crank the handle to get the barrel moving at the correct RPM’s.