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Bladeless Industrial Bud Trimmers & Cannabis Equipment

Trimmers for Medium to Large Harvests

Our trim machines for medium to large harvests are a faster, gentler alternative to other electric flower trimmers. With Tom’s Tumbler™, you get pristine, hand-trimmed quality with the efficiency of a machine. Make processing your batches a whole lot easier while maintaining potency and keeping the structure of your flowers intact. Its innovative, bladeless technology will change the way you approach your processing efforts. Check out what these trimmers and our other selections can offer you.

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    TTT 5000 GMP TTT 5000 GMP TTT 5000 GMP

    TTT 5000 GMP

    Tom's newest batch tumbler is all stainless steel including the mesh. It is GMP compliant and CE certified. this model will trim 50+ pounds (dry) per hour and it is easily cleaned with no maintenance or downtime. 

    Was: $8,500.00
    Now: $5,999.00
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    Pictured with stainless steel funnel flow TTT 2600 Cannabis Bud Trimmer TTT 2600 Cannabis Bud Trimmer TTT 2600 Hemp Trimmer Liquid C02 Infusion Kit

    TTT 2600 Cannabis Bud Trimmer

    TTT 2600 TRIMMER Our highly effective TTT 2600 flower separator features a unique design that makes it easy to use and maintain. The machine itself has no moving parts or complex mechanisms inside of it—all you need is a power outlet, and...

    Was: $3,999.00
    Now: $2,999.99
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    TTT 3000 Cannabis Trimmer Machine TTT3000 Dust Cover TTT 3000 Hemp Trimmer- Product Sales Sheet TTT 3000 Cannabis Trimmer Machine

    TTT 3000 Cannabis Trimmer Machine

    TT 3000 BUD TRIMMER MACHINE When it comes to large quantity pollen extraction, there’s only one batch trimmer that’s up for the job. Tom’s bladeless pollen tumbler trims 100 lbs of dry flower per hour and 300 lbs of wet flower per hour...

    Was: $4,999.00
    Now: $3,750.00
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