Python Industries is the new name for Tom's Tumbler. 

We are the same company now with a full line-up of post-harvest industrial equipment and supplies.

Bladeless Industrial Bud Trimmers & Cannabis Equipment

TTT 5000 GMP Automatic Cannabis Trimmer

The TTT 5000 GMP Automatic Cannabis Trimmer is designed to trim over 50+ pounds of dry cannabis per hour. Harvest your bud in half the time with this gentle yet durable bladeless cannabis trimmer. Each bud trimmer machine from Python Industries is GMP-compliant and CE-certified. 

Python Industries’ patented bladeless technology was designed to reduce the time you spend trimming buds by hand while preserving the structure of the flower. Our bud trimmers are easy to use, quiet, and low maintenance. Our cannabis bud trimming machine is not only more affordable than others on the market but will also help you improve your bottom line thanks to its efficiency.

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