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Trimming. Cryo-trimming. Deleafing. Biomass refinement. Whole plant bucking. Sorting. Kief extraction.

What would you do if a bud trimming machine could save you 50-60% on hand trimming labor costs while still preserving the trichomes, crystals, and structure of the flower? Tom's Tumbler offers a full range of post-harvest equipment that provides a fast, affordable, and effective method of trimming while increasing your profits! Deleaf, trim, sort, extract, and refine biomass today.

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 Ask Tom the inventor, he would be happy to speak to you about all of his machines.

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Introducing the Mighty Python 

New Mighty Python

Half the footprint of the original. 

Trims up to 600lbs an hour.

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Whether you process small or industrial-sized volumes, Tom's Tumblers are designed by a farmer for craft growers. Shop our innovative machines like our bud trimmers and accessories below!

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Wet Trim and Dry Trim

With Tom’s Tumbler™

Our bud trimmers are hands down the most effective, gentle, and affordable dry trimmers on the market. In less than 5 minutes, our machines can gently trim small or large batches of product beautifully without blades. Don't hand trim when you can tumble trim in a fraction of the time!

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Wet Trimming Flower

Trim, separate, extract kief—bud trimming machines from Tom’s Tumbler™ can do it all! With our CO2 Adaptor Kit, you can also flash freeze the sugar leaves on your wet or damp flowers. Go from wet to dry trimming with the same machine and still achieve the perfect trim every time!

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Tom's Tumbler

Hand Trimmed, Machine Trimmed, or Both?

Jan 14th 2022

Invented by a grower for growers, Tom’s Tumbler™ got its start as the original bladeless bud trimmer for small businesses looking to achieve hand-trimmed products without waste or hassle. 

Tom Bruggemann, the inventor and president of Tom's Tumble Trimmers, uses his decades of experience as a farmer to offer simple solutions that save you time and money. Tom and his team offer immediate and knowledgeable service to all customers.

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