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The Original Bladeless Trimmer 

Python 600

The PYTHON 600 is an industrial dry trimmer for bud and other agricultural products. It is the largest capacity trimmer available, processing 600 pounds or more of dry flower per hour, gently yet efficiently.   


With no down-time to change or clean blades, like other machines, the Python can be run all day, all season, year after year.  

The Python 600 is:

  • Built to last for years
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Quiet and low maintenance
  • Gentle on your flower, tumbling less than 5 minutes
  • Efficient, processing 600+ pounds per hour
  • Proven, bladeless technology



GMP Our fully-stainless steel and food grade Python meets GMP standards
Large Capacity The industrial feeder is an efficient method of processing large volumes of buds easily
Built to Last The Python is built of high grade stainless steel and the best motors available for a low-maintenance, long-lifetime of use
Controlled Manual speed control motors keep you in control of the feed and processing of your buds
Mesh Options Pythons include steel mesh and food-grade mesh nets for you to alternate to determine the right level of trimming
Conveyors Conveyors feeders and optional take-away conveyors reduce manpower needs
Low Energy Use The Python motors use a small amount of energy to process a large volume.
Affordable Compared to hand-trimming and competitor options, the Python remains the highest capacity trimmer at the lowest cost.


Click here to download the Python 600 Spec Sheet



  • High power 2 Cyclone dust collector/kief collector
  • Conveyor for bud sorting and packaging


Maintenance is as simple as brushing your Python down with sterile brushes (included) to collect any fallen kief, or vacuum with clean vacuum. Clean the catch funnel and channel with Tom’s Resin Remover, and hose down with water. The nets are removable and washable with water. 

NOTE: The Pythons will soon come with the option to include CO2 infusion. This will allow you to flash freeze wet or damp flower for rapid trimming.  



The Python 600 can be ordered for delivery in 1 week. A $25,000 deposit is required to place your order, with the balance due prior to shipping. Taxes and shipping are based on location. 



Contact Erick Gustafson, Sales Director, with any questions about which model is best for you at 484-919-9000.



Contact Erick with any questions about which model is best for you at 800-601-0797, directly at 484-919-9000 or email

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    Python 600 Industrial Bud Trimmer Python 600 with the DeLeafer feeder. Python 600 at a grow facility. Inside the Python trommel

    Python 600 Industrial Bud Trimmer

    PYTHON 600 INDUSTRIAL BUD TRIMMER The Python 600 is the one machine needed to trim thousands of pounds of flower once the drying and bucking process is complete. It replaces hundreds of hand trimmers and dozens of smaller machines all in one day thanks...

    Was: $50,000.00
    Now: $40,000.00
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