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Hand Trimmed, Machine Trimmed, or Both?

Hand Trimmed, Machine Trimmed, or Both?

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Jan 14th 2022

Industrial Cannabis Trimmer

There are two main ways to trim cannabis buds. Some people prefer hand-trimming, while others find that machine-trimming is the best option for them. But which one is better when considering hand-trimmed vs machine-trimmed? It’s hard to argue with either method, but industry experts like Tom’s Tumbler™ have a preference: they recommend machine-trimming first for maximum efficiency and then finishing off the job by hand.

Here are some insights about hand trim vs machine trim options and how you can ensure a better quality product when trimming your cannabis buds.

Hand Trimming

Hand trimming cannabis buds is often time-consuming and tedious. It takes hours to hand trim even a small harvest, which is especially difficult for first-time growers who have never done it before. While it's still a proven way to ensure that the end product is of top quality, hand trimming requires lots of labor and time, which isn't cost-effective for large growers who need to harvest and process a lot of flower.

When choosing between hand-trimmed vs machine-trimmed processing of buds, the choice should be obvious for commercial growers: machine trimming is far superior in terms of cost, time efficiency, and product quality. Hand trimming can still be used after machine trimming for first-time growers or those with smaller harvests. After all, the end result is to have a quality product no matter how it was trimmed.

Machine Trimming

Machine trimming is an increasingly popular and efficient way of trimming cannabis buds. It can make your life easier, save you time, and produce a much better final product than hand-trimming alone ever could. It's typically done by placing the bud into a machine that removes all excess leaves from it before packaging it for sale or consumption. The result is less time spent trimming, and it often produces a more aesthetically pleasing product.

When you compare hand-trimmed vs machine-trimmed product, it becomes clear that industrial machine trimming is superior to hand trimming. Many growers still hand-trim their buds after machine-trimming to remove the tiny hairs that remain on them from where they've been trimmed with machines.

Benefits of machine trimming:

  • It saves money for growers because they can sell their product more quickly, which means a better meeting of demand and higher profits.
  • Allows growers to continue operations without stopping or slowing down while hand-trimming.
  • Machine-trimmed buds are less likely to have bugs or other small pests in them, and they last much longer after being packaged — which saves everyone a lot of money in the long run by reducing waste.
  • A much shorter time is spent doing it because you're not waiting on your bud to dry out before starting the process.

Both Can Be Used to Process Buds

Hemp Flower

Choosing between hand-trimmed vs machine-trimmed bud processing can be a contentious topic for many growers who're just starting out. While hand trimming can help get rid of any leaves or small stems that would otherwise hurt the product's overall quality and appearance, it's very time-consuming work with often not much payoff in return. However, the truth is, hand trim vs machine trim is ultimately a personal choice.

Hand-trimmed bud processing typically requires more time to perfect, but it’s also much easier for growers who're only producing their own cannabis products and not large quantities of them. Machine trimming is faster and cost-effective, and it's typically the preferred choice for those who're producing larger quantities. Both can be used to produce a high-quality product.

If you're a large-scale grower comparing hand-trimmed vs machine trimmed processing, you should know that just hand trimming is a lot of unnecessary work when you can use trimming machines. In fact, hand trimming is only recommended after the buds have been machine trimmed and the bulk of the work has been completed. So, if you're looking to save some time and money, look into purchasing a trimmer machine.

Shop Trimmers for Small, Medium, or Large Harvest

If you're looking for a trimmer that can handle small, medium, or large harvests, Tom’s Tumbler™ brings you a variety of tumble trimmers with bladeless technology. Invented by growers for growers, these trimmers save you 50-60% on hand trimming labor costs while still preserving trichomes and the structure of the flower. We offer a full range of post-harvest equipment that provides a fast, affordable, and effective trimming method while increasing your profits. Our machines are capable of dry and wet bud trimming.

Want to learn more about hand-trimmed vs machine-trimmed bud processing? Contact our industry experts today. We offer excellent customer service available seven days a week. If you have any questions about our tumble trimmers, feel free to call to talk with an expert or order now and enjoy same-day shipping (before 3 pm PT).