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How to Get the Most Pollen from Your Harvest: Innovating Pollen Extraction with the Biomass Refiner

How to Get the Most Pollen from Your Harvest: Innovating Pollen Extraction with the Biomass Refiner

Posted by Tom's Tumbler on Sep 24th 2021

Sprout Coins

Looking for the best tips and assistance on how to get more kief from your harvests? You’re in the right place. We here at Tom’s Tumble Trimmers are dedicated to ensuring your harvests yield maximum results. Part of that is guidance on how to extract kief, but another large part is the equipment we have available. Tom’s Biomass Refiner is a game-changer for making kief from trim. Not only does it make your job exponentially easier, but it also makes it so much faster. Keep reading to see how you can become a kief extraction expert with only a small amount of effort.

Why Kief Matters

If you’re unfamiliar with kief, or dry sift, it’s a hemp extract made up of trichomes or resin glands from the flower. It exists in small, almost hairlike, formations where the terpenes and cannabinoids grow. Kief is higher in its concentration of THC because of this, making it very valuable. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to properly separate it from the rest of the flower.

There are several ways on how to get more kief from your harvests, but hunting down those pesky little fibers has never been easier thanks to our helpful kief nets and Biomass Refiner.

The Old School Method

A time-consuming, traditional way of how to extract kief from your harvest without any special equipment is the coin method. Here’s how it works:

Freeze It

This may seem counterintuitive, but the next step for how to get more kief from your harvest using this method is to put the grinder in the freezer. This will make the trichomes of the flower more brittle and easier to separate. It does take time, though. You have to leave the kief sitting overnight. Nonetheless, it’s a very cool way to make kief from trim.

Shake It Up

Once frozen, you’ll want to shake the grinder as hard as you possibly can. Think of it like trying to get a soda to explode. The coin needs to bounce along the walls of the grinder continuously, hitting the kief and dislodging it.

Open It Up

Check out your results. Depending on how well you did, you should have more kief.

Improving the Extraction Process

Python Biomass Refiner

If you’re looking for an even simpler method for how to get more kief, you don’t have to look farther than our very own Python Biomass Refiner. It does all the hard work for you. You just need to load it and wait.

Easy Kief Refining

The Biomass Refiner transforms leftover product from your harvest into marvelous kief and beautiful trim in only a few minutes. How to extract kief using this machine is straightforward. With multiple vacuums integrated, the refiner is incredibly efficient. It automatically sorts through all the small kief pieces gently enough that nothing is damaged, and you still get a large amount of high-quality, sellable product. It packs the final product in sterile containers. If there’s a simpler way to make kief from trim, we haven’t found it. It only takes one machine to do all the work—no coin required.

A Comprehensive System
The best part of the Biomass Refiner, beyond the fact it makes how to get more kief simple, is how it combines so well with other Python products, specifically the Stainless Steel Conveyors and D-LEEFER. Once the initial trimming is completed, the Python bud trimmer feeds the remaining biomass into the refiner, where it’s automatically sorted.

How to extract kief has been innovated with Tom’s Tumbler™ by utilizing all the possible components from your harvest. From sorting and inspecting buds to getting perfectly homogenized kief, you’re all set with a complete Python system.

Get Started

How to get more kief out of your flower harvests is easier than ever with Tom. There are some other tricks you can use, but those are woefully inefficient in comparison. With the Biomass Refiner, you don’t have to worry about anything. It does all the processing and output for you. Not to mention its seamless integration with the other members of the Python family. If you want your kief harvesting to be a completely streamlined process, then a Python system is the best answer. Make your processing more efficient without sacrificing quality.

Reach out to us for any questions or concerns you might have about our tumble trimmers or industrial hemp processing machines. We’re here to help!