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How to Store and Cure Cannabis with Python Fresh

How to Store and Cure Cannabis with Python Fresh

Posted by David Vines on Apr 4th 2024

Growing a high-quality cannabis crop is definitely a task that requires expertise and experience. From propagation to vegetation to flowering to harvest – cannabis growers must be diligent to ensure a successful crop.

However, even after your buds have been successfully grown, dried/cured and trimmed, storing your product until it is sold and consumed is critical.

The flavor profile, the aroma, and the smoke-ability of the flower can all degrade if you are not utilizing premium specialized storage bags. Incorrect storage bags can easily destroy the months of hard work as well as lower the value of your product considerably. The flavor profile and the aroma of the cultivar are directly affected.

Learn when to cure cannabis, why it’s important to overall cannabis processing, and how to properly cure your cannabis for the best quality. Python Industries’ decades of experience in the cannabis industry has sparked the development of our specially designed packaging called “Python Fresh” which not only inhibits the sun's harmful affects on buds, but also protects against oxidation, terpene degradation, mold growth, and color degradation.

When Should I Cure Cannabis?

After the cannabis plant has gone through its flowering period (typically 7-9 weeks), it is now ready to be harvested.

Once harvested, dried, and trimmed with post-harvest equipment, the next immediate step is to cure the cannabis. The cannabis curing should take roughly 4-8 weeks, but some cultivators can choose to expedite the curing process and have it take only 2-4 weeks.

Why Should I Cure Cannabis?

Cannabis must be effectively dried and trimmed before curing it. Curing cannabis is so critical because this process is directly responsible for the flavor and the aroma of the flower.

During the curing process, the chlorophyll in the plant begins to degrade, which rids the plant of its harshness and greatly improves the smoothness of the smoke.

The flavor profile and the aroma of the cultivar are directly influenced by the terpenes found in the plant. These terpenes begin to deteriorate and dissipate at 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why it's preferable to cure at low temperatures for a longer period (4 to 8 weeks) than quickly at higher temperatures (2 to 4 weeks).

When it comes to curing cannabis, patience is truly a virtue!

How to Cure Cannabis?

Many prefer to cure their cannabis with the use of airtight glass mason jars and a hygrometer. This tool helps measure the temperature and humidity of the curing environment.

However, with Python Industries’ experience in cannabis processing, we are offering another solution to your post-harvest needs!

What is Python Fresh?

Python Fresh bags (formerly known as Terpene Fresh) are a great tool that can be used to cure your cannabis. If you have large quantities of flowers needing to be properly preserved and stored, we have 10lb bags and smaller ones.

  • To use our Python Fresh bags, simply place your dried and trimmed flower inside of our metalized Python Fresh bags.
  • Once you’ve filled up a Python Fresh bag with your bud, store it in a dark and cool location, preferably between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Remember, the humidity inside the storage room should be between 55-65%.

Even though our bags are an extremely high barrier, our bags are like various other plastic storage bags – they’re permeable. This means like all of our competitors, including Grove bags, our bags will breathe on a micro level to allow the flowers to continue curing, but at the same time seal and protect your flowers from the elements.

Tips for Curing Cannabis with Python Fresh Bags

  • Remember, too high or too low humidity or temperature can still affect the terpenes dissipating into the air.
  • Make sure your flowers are between 10 and 12 % moisture before you place them in any storage bags. This will help elevate any chance of molding while sealed in any plastic packaging.
  • If for some reason your buds are too dry, you can use one of our Python Humidity Packs to help rehydrate your flower.

Our Python Fresh bags come in the following sizes for your cannabis curing, storage, and transport needs:

  • 1 lb - (Metalized Silver, Black w/ window and White/Forest)
  • 5 lb - (Metalized Silver)
  • 10 lb - (Metalized Silver, White/Forest)

Keep Your Crop Quality High with Python Fresh Bags

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, we understand the hard work and efforts that go into growing a successful crop. Don’t let the quality, aroma, flavor, and smoke of your bud go away with poor curing techniques!

From automatic bud trimming machines and post-harvest processing equipment to top-tier cannabis accessories like trimming shears or humidity packs, Python Industries has every tool you need for an optimal cannabis-processing operation.

Our Python Fresh Premium Packaging bags are designed to preserve the trichomes and terpenes present on your cannabis flower, while protecting it from any external factors of air, light, or external contact when storing or transporting your crop!

Learn more about the many features and benefits of Python Fresh Bags on our blog page, or contact a representative with questions on our cannabis equipment and supplies today!